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After getting pregnant and blowing up it has left me with an insatiable hunger for gaining.

 Anytime I think I’ve reached my limit I come to terms that I actually need to get bigger. 
I want to fill out everywhere and see where the gains take my body🥵

 more ass? Yes please

 more apron Belly? hell yes

 more boobs? Oh goddddd. 

Come play with me as I beg for you to blow me up huge and let me be the gluttonous girl I was born to be. The way my belly jiggles will send you over the edge and the angles of it are sooo hot 🥵


are you ready to blow me up to 400 pounds?

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I love watching a big girl talk about wanting to get fatter! 🐷 Just watching her grab all that soft, jiggly flab, wishing there was even more to pad her already luscious curves. And that fat hanging belly was in a competition to out sexy those big round boobs, stuffed and overflowing out of that way to small bra🥵

Response from the author:

This is an amazing review, THANK YOU

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TLDR: insanely hot, Lauren really gets what makes fat and gaining sexy

I could go on for hours about how Lauren's gain over time has been nothing short of a transformation from thick model to fertility goddess, but I could say that about any of her recent clips.

Instead, I want to say that of the countless GFE "make me fatter" roleplay clips here, this is one of the few that really voices some of the hottest things about fat and gaining.

She makes it abundantly clear that she is your personal fat goddess — she is hungry, she is horny, and the thing she wants most is for us to make her enormous

Response from the author:

😍😍😍😍😍 thank you!

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oh my god this is probably Lauren's sexiest video so far! she has put in effort & it shows a lot.  Lauren wants to be even bigger go for it Lauren, we know you want to be greedy but your already phenomenal at it, if you want to be bigger do it you look very beautiful at this size! I wish you can sit on me queen. ❤️ 

Response from the author:

You are so sweet! Thank you!

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Oh. My. LORD, this is spectacular!!! It's like every single word that Lauren speaks was pulled right from my horny feeder brain 😳 Completely captivating, hearing her express her desire to get bigger and fatter and greedier for you. And what could be hotter than personally spoiling and overfeeding such a doughy queen? She's completely irresistible here, do NOT miss out on this one 💓💓💓

Response from the author:


I am so glad I could do that for you!!!! Yay!!! This is so sweet, thank you!

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Greed and gluttony never looked so hot! 🔥🥵🔥🥵🔥🥵 After watching the video all I wanna do is shove every fattening imaginable into Lauren’s mouth. 😈😈😈 Her pregnancy cravings have clearly carried over and the pleasure of overeating can’t be denied. Soooo incredibly hot hearing her describe her uncontrollable appetite and NEED to stuff herself full of delicious food. 🤤🤤🤤🤤 Unable to stop herself from binge eating, even when she tells herself just a couple bites. 🫦😬🤤🤤 And what the gaining has done to her body is undeniable, now her body craves more and more and begs to be stuffed to oblivion. 😈😈😈 Such a glutinous goddess! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Response from the author:

M, this review is AMAZING❤️

thank you for always making me smile and brightening my day!

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Guest terranceandphillip


Super sexy vid that splendidly shows off Lauren's crazy hot curves!!  I always love when she shows off those adorably fluffy, plump rolls of pudge she's got spilling out of her hips, and you'll lose it when she pulls out her delightfully doughy belly and jiggles all her jelly for you, revealing how outrageously soft and squishy she is, all the while seductively explaining how much she loves it and how she'd love even more!!!

Response from the author:

You’re so sweet. I know this isn’t your favorite type of content so I really appreciate you showing me love!

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