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Kitty has been tied up for hours within arms reach of some of her favourite treats. She’s hungry, tired and is having major cravings. 

You finally return home to satiate her desires. You tease her with cream filled treats, letting Kitty take little bites at first. 

Before long, your feeder desires get stronger as you start to shove the cakes into Kitty’s mouth. She’s alarmed but aroused as you both enjoy yourselves. 

Come and take pleasure in this baby girl fantasy between you and your submissive piggy princess.



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For me, and I think for many others, KittyPiggy is quickly becoming one of the absolute legends in the world of BBW. Her stunning beauty, adorable personality, and her incredible determination make every single video she produces an absolute must-have.


Okay, I’ll keep it simple. If you like to see a super-cute, massively curvy megababe in handcuffs being tantalised and then messily force-fed with chocolate eclairs, then this is the video for you. (And if you don’t want to see that, then what the hell are you doing on this site? Please head promptly to the door marked “Exit.”)


As with every KP video, I always want to emphasise a few things. This is not three or four minutes long. It’s not grainily recorded on a static mobile phone. It’s not poorly-lit. It’s not got tinny rap music playing in the background. Instead, it’s over FIFTEEN minutes long. It’s a crystal-clear image, with loads of different angles and views of Kitty’s jaw-droppingly impressive body and face. The lighting is excellent. And we get to hear all those delicious, sweet sounds of Kitty’s voice and whimpers as she goes through her ordeal. (Oh..., you’d rather have that tinny rap music? There’s that door marked “Exit” again...)


There’s some truly fantastic things going on here. Kitty’s slightly alarmed expression as her feeder crams the eclairs into her mind-blowingly pretty face is one. Another is the gaining-shake which gets EVERYWHERE and turns Kitty into a chocolate-coated mess. Another thing that’s totally awesome is the whole submissive thing that Kitty’s got going on. She is insanely cute and insanely sexy.


This amazing woman’s body has really blossomed into an absolute riot of curves. She has curves on top of curves on top of curves. Are you a fool for a rounded, super-pretty face? Kitty’s got you covered a million times over. Are you a breast person? Again, check – in fact, double, double, double check. Does a huge, sexy belly make your eyes pop out? Again, KP delivers – big time.


(I especially loved this video because it’s inspired by a forum post of mine from a few weeks ago. KP’s interaction with her fans in this way is just another thing to add to the increasingly lengthy list of reasons why she is so totally amazing.)


Wow. Just... wow.

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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

Kitty is tied up and simply begging you to feed her. She's been tied up for hours, just waiting for you to come home and feed her. Her eyes say it all as she looks longingly at you and the food. Moaning and begging you, you finally give in as you too want to see her fattened even more.  She looks the largest she's ever been as her gut simply spills over her lap. Her inner thighs are growing by the day. You squeeze her boob and rub her belly and thighs, she moans in delight. This couldn't be a much sexier video! The Amazing Fattened Kitty Piggy will simply keep growing....and growing...and growing....

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Wow this has to be kitty’s hottest 🥵 vid yet, join kitty has she is tied to a chair waiting for her favourite foods. I didn’t want to post any other gifs than the ones kitty posted has you really need to see this vid for yourself. Kitty’s moans in this are so hot as she gets feed the cream cakes and when she gets teased with the food being taken away from her and one point I almost thought you were going to eat the camera 😂 it gets very messy near the end 🐷 a must buy 😍.

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I bought the 3rd cake vid, and several others. Did not regret my decision for all of these, for the first time of an internet video purchase. Quality of video and audio: Top! Quality of content: When I saw the cake video, I thought it couldn´t get any better. Then I watched this, holy mother of nature, this is the finest! Here you have one of the best videos you can get in terms of visualisation of your deepest fantasies. Kitty is tied with cuffs and she is looking at you (technically into the cam lens, but it really feels as she is adressing you) and begging you to be fed and the sensual seductive fun begins. And you cannot get your eyes off through the whole length of the video. So goddamn sexy! Simply impressive! Must buy, what more can I say, see for yourself... I am still drooling 🤤😂

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