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Savannah has really been feeling sexy these days.. shes so turned on every time she looks in the mirror. Her dough-y belly and massive thighs drive her wild and Her breast are what dreams are made savannah. She’s in some of her sexiest lingerie and can’t help but admire her softness. Grabbing at all of her rolls and admiring her stretch marks. What’s better than a bbw absolutely loving her body in the mirror? 


{ video includes; in the mirror , belly play, Fat chat, different angles }


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Guest sky_3

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I can't believe how big Savannah's belly has gotten!  She starts by talking about how much wider she is now and how even her butt has grown.  Viewers get a great view of her and indeed it is a treat to see both, her massive round belly and her big but firm ass at the same time due to clever placement of mirrors.  She does talk about how her belly hangs - it sure is massive, but you'll be hard pressed finding a firm and round belly the size of hers on any other models.  What also surprised me is the size of her boobs - she must have gained a cup or two over the last year - wow.  Her narrative makes your mind go to fantasy land, where you imagine an even bigger girl - truly mind blowing.

Response from the author:

Thank you so much 💘 so glad you enjoyed this clip… it was very sexy to film 😉

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This video hit my kinks square on the head!

My kinks are: @SavannahMontana and everything about her.  Mirrors.  Body-exploration.  Self-admiration.  The glammed-up sexbomb look.  Full-length body-views.

This video is seven amazing minutes of unbridled big-girl glorification, and I absolutely loved loved loved every single milisecond of it.

Clad in gorgeous lingerie which clings to every magnificent curve (and there are so many curves!), Savannah explores every part of her spectacular goddess-physique.  I'm pretty certain I've described her elsewhere as a genetic miracle - and this video is 100% proof of that.  Her body is so exquisitely proportioned: full shoulders, huge breasts, plumped-up arms big belly, round ass, and thick legs.  Her back-fat is also absolutely magical (a part of her I hadn't previously noticed).  The beauty on display here is almost overwhelming.

In the final section of the video, I think Savannah genuinely turns herself on, as she bounces her belly and revels in the glory of her incredible achievements.

Right at the end, she bends over.  Oh.  My.  God.  Savannah, if you read this - please can we have more full-length views of you bending over?

Finally, can I just add that Savannah's face is probably the prettiest I've ever seen.  That smile, those eyes...  Wow wow wow.

A bargain-priced luxury video from a luxury woman.

PS.  There's no tinny music playing.  All we hear is this divine beauty talking about how fucking sexy and beautiful she is.   

Response from the author:

Always so sweet to me 💘💘😘😘

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I purchased this video on February 3, 2023 but did not get a chance to watch it until February 8th. I honestly think this is a Great video. I would highly recommend purchasing this video. It is a pleasure seeing someone enjoy how they look. I think the only thing this video needs is more mirrors to see different angles at once or larger mirrors to fit more of her body at once. I agree completely with the reviews written by @sky_3. I will say I purchased this video and Too FAT for fitness! recently. I will say I actually prefer this video more because I enjoy the honesty of this video. I believe she is not faking anything about what she is saying and liking her body. One thing Savannah does not mention but visually stood out to me what how amazing her back fat rolls look in this video. I actually thought the back rolls stood out more than her butt. I also liked seeing how much her belly stuck out. Her double chin also stands out as a prominent positive feature that was not discussed at all in this video. 

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