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I am so excited to recap the year with you! I’ve been such a good fatty giving in to every craving, I know the scale will reflect that! 
First I show you how massive I’ve gotten, can you tell how much weight I’ve put on this year? It’s so incredible how big I’ve gotten and I am so proud! I’m positively beaming as I tease you with my body, telling you all the things I love about it. 

Before we get to the weigh in I take you up close and personal with my huge hanging belly as I recount an incident where I was fat shamed at a friends family Christmas! Its no wonder I got fat shamed, look at me! I’m huge! 

Once I step on the scale I’m so pleased with the number and can’t stop bouncing and thanking YOU for coming on this journey of fatness with me! Now that I know just how much I’ve gained this year I wanna compare my body now with pics from when I first started gaining in 2021! There’s such a huge difference and I’m shocked to see just how much my ass and hips have grown! 

Lastly I’d like to thank you so much for being with me on this journey, I’ve had so much fun this year showing off my gluttony and hedonism for you! I can only imagine next year will be even BIGGER!! 

Thank you, really. This year has been huge for me in more ways than one and I am eternally grateful to you for supporting me! If you love my content please consider leaving a review, dropping a reaction or comment on this video to show me how much you’re proud of me!!! 




**8.99 for the first 48 hours- then back to 10.99**

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This is Jersey at peak fucking sexiness so far! I am jaw-agape in awe of that goddess body. And what an achievement! All those rolls, folds and squishy softness makes me go wild! I also adore that monster ass and that shelf action moving up higher and higher along her back. Whenever we get a story time from her it's always a treat, and this is no exception. Oh my gods that hair style is gorgeous! To a new year and to an ever sexier Jersey! 🙂 🙂

Response from the author:

Thank you! It’s been a big year and it wouldn’t have been as epic without you!! 

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I seem to have bought a lot of role-playing videos on the site recently, but sometimes I get the urge for something more real: this video delivers - BIG TIME.

The video starts with the stunningly beautiful sight of Jersey proudly standing before us, clad only in pretty lingerie.  Her lovely face and goddess-body are GORGEOUS.  I especially love the way that, as she talks, she's clearly watching and admiring herself in her camera.  I also LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the way she couldn't keep her hands off herself!  I've said it before (and pretty sure I'll say it again) but there is nothing sexier than a BBW discussing how hot they look, how good they feel, how they love their growing bodies, and they're in awe of their own achievements.  Jersey's self-admiring body-tour here is one of the finest, most magically beautiful things I've ever witnessed. 

I also really enjoyed the story that Jersey told about her Christmas experience.  Obviously, I didn't enjoy the fact that some stupid old bitch said something offensive to her, but what I DID enjoy was Jersey's awesome attitude towards the experience.

I am so proud of this million-dollar beauty's growth.  What she is accomplishing is wonderful, magical, deeply inspirational, and (of course) profoundly beautiful.  

The self-admiring fat-chat here is perhaps the best I've ever heard.  It's so raw and powerful and sexy.  The energy and charisma dripping from this woman is extraordinary.  I could listen to her talk about her body, how she feels, how she looks, for hours and hours and hours.

My favourite part of this whole heavenly video is the final section.  Some "before" photos pop up and Jersey orders us to look at the difference and admire for ourselves the triumph she's achieved with her physique (and hopefully will continue to develop).  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the way she is so passionate and enthusiastic about showing herself off - about exhibiting the beautiful outcome of so much dedicated, single-minded work and ambition and goal-hitting.

As with all the best BBWs, there's something about Jersey's growth that makes me think she was BORN to do this.  It's like it's in her genes or something.  By which, I mean that her weight-gain is perfectly proportioned and is impacting every luscious part of her body: not just the belly, but also the arms, the legs, the breasts, the shoulders, the face, the neck, the hips, the ass, the side-rolls.

Like I said, the fat-chat is probably the best I've ever heard, but in particular the sequence of talk that starts at 12:31 ABSOLUTELY BLEW MY MIND.  I actually had to pause the video a few times during it, just to calm down, wipe my brow, and get my breath back.  And when Jersey bends over right at the end... OH.  MY.  GOD.

An amazing woman doing an amazing job.  Seriously, one of the best videos - possibly THE best video - I've ever watched.

Response from the author:

Honestly- thank you so much for this incredibly thoughtful review! I loved reading it and I love how receptive you are to what I’m trying to do here. 
Really, thank you so much, what a wonderful way to start the new year!!! 

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When i say I am absolutely head over heels for Jersey I MEAN IT. There is no other content creator that has me lost for breath and sweating like she does. The effort she puts into her content is nothing short of flawless. I cannot wait to see even more and hopefully be apart of many more kilos to come! 

Response from the author:


such wonderful praise coming from a babe like you 🥰

thank you so much!! 

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