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Kitty isn't American but she loves American style food and how the USA goes big or goes home!

She indulges in beer, hot dogs, donuts and apple pie with cream. She gets pretty tipsy as she chugs the beer and lets out some huge burps. Mid way through things get a little more revealing with some killer angles. Stay tuned for the big reveal ...

KP: Born in the UK, built by the US 

Happy 4th of July!

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Kitty is by far the sexiest and prettiest....and soon to be fattest girl on here....the way she accidentally pours beer on herself and giggles (giggling her belly in the process) was one of the cutest things I've seen! She gorges herself magnificently on apple pie, donuts, hot dogs and beer...a true American. Donuts and whip cream were perfect, Kitty. You're more American than you realize ;) and when she takes her bra off...well you just need to buy this to see it. And please do buy her videos. She works very hard on these and this is her actual JOB. So dont steal her work! Kitty, just keep being the sexier and sexier version of you as you grow insatiable fat! Cant wait for next video! 😚

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Gosh! It has taken me a few hours to cool down before having to review this latest, well absolutely fantastic video..... Firstly I have only recently stumbled across Kitty's forum / site and I have to say I am absolutely taken with her style, presentation and absolute professional approach to this community, a true natural that really enjoys herself in the process... 

Kitty is really packing on some serious pounds lately and this can be clearly seen in this video. Kitty's belly girth, gut depth. overhang and sheer size looks absolutely stunningly sexy and the sound of Kitty's gentle belly taps is - well on another level...

The sheer intensity of lovingly consuming vast calorie charged foods from Hot Dogs to Apple Pie and Squirty Cream with Doughnuts leaves you in no doubt of Kitty's ability to put away copious amounts of food in quite a short space of time in order to satisfy her strong cravings and enhance her curves... And surely they will with an ever increasing appetite....

Love the cheeky laughs and sexy smiles to the endless giggles of flesh and the shock waves of rippling fat through Kitty's midriff as Kitty bounces back on her wall a few times while enjoying her snack to the belly rubbing food coma of a well stuffed and momentarily satisfied tummy at the end...

You have got to Go for it!...... Support this lady, Kitty is definitely without a doubt worth it.....

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Is there a Curvage Hall of Fame? Because this video from the amazing KittyPiggy needs to go in there straightaway.


First off, check out the length of this video. That’s right. It’s 22 minutes. KP really doesn’t stint on the quality she’s providing. It’s crystal-clear video-quality as well, and has all sorts of camera angles and different views of this stunning lady.


KP’s being very playful and flirty here, and (as usual) looks incredibly delicious in a red bra and fishnets as she devours some all-American classics. She combines super-cute with super-sexy. There’s also something really elegant and sophisticated about her, even as she’s cramming a donut into her mouth or dribbling beer down her face. I can’t explain it, but I love it.


My mouth literally dropped open around the 9-minute mark when Kitty complains about a certain part of her clothing which is feeling too tight. From there, the video (which was already awesome) just gets better and better! WOW!! There are two big things in front of Kitty that you’ll want to focus on most, but do try to make some time for her radiant smile. Her smile is a total knockout.


Later, Kitty attacks an apple pie with a mountain of cream on top. I can’t tell you how amazing this sight is. The way she so eagerly shovels the pie into her mouth in a messily desperate sort of a way is SPECTACULAR. The pleasure she’s receiving is obvious. It’s matched by the pleasure she’s giving to us.


Another absolutely OUTSTANDING video from the BEST model on the internet. Buy it now. You will not regret it!

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