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After a mid day snack Freya finds herself looking through old pictures of herself. After a couple scrolls she realizes she has gotten FAT, very fat to be exact.

Freya squeezes on her old workout shorts with her new big belly busting out. She decides it's time to get back into shape and start working out again. Freya heads over to the park to start her workout routine, complete with jumping jacks, sit-ups, squats, push-up's, and a whole lot of running. However Freya quickly realizes she's gotten way to fat and lazy to work out for hours like she used to. Freya get's out of breath and finds herself panting after just moments of physical activity. She quickly get's to embarrassed to be seen wheezing in public or for her cellulite filled thighs and jiggly belly to be out. Freya heads home accepting her new status as piggy. Before long Freya realizes things can't be that bad 😉

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A belly hang-lover’s dream! Great outfit!!

Response from the author:

Thank you 🐷

It's my dream too

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I’ve been keeping an eye on Freya for a little while, and finally thought: “this girl is too goddamn cute. I have to buy some of her videos.” So this is the first one I bought and downloaded.


First off, I have to say that I’m a complete sucker for a pretty face – and Freya has one of the most beautiful faces around. I get the feeeling she’s going to look prettier and prettier as she gains, so the future looks very, very bright.


The video starts off with a few seconds of the lovely Freya lounging around in underwear at home and snacking. She’s looking through some old photos of herself and seemingly decides she’d like to lose some of her recently-acquired pounds.


Before we have any time to prepare ourselves, we are presented with the stunning spectacle of Freya warming up in what can only be described as an UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING outfit. You can see it in the previews – WOW. I didn’t know where to look: at her super-pretty face and double-chin? At her chubby, wobbly arms? At her beautiful, thick legs? At those lovely breasts spilling out of that tight top? Or how about at her incredible belly? Freya is putting it ALL on display here and it’s a wonderful visual image.


(A really great touch is that Freya’s workout is completely public. Sure, she seems to have chosen a quiet spot but, oh my goodness, think of the lucky devils who might have been walking past at the time and seen this fat beauty parading around in all her glory!)


There’s a TON of jumping, squatting, bending, jogging, and stretching – and it’s truly a sight to behold. I like to think that there’s more than a little rolepay going on here. Rather than genuinely thinking “gee, I need to get in shape,” I want to think that Freya is actually thinking “fuck, I look AMAZING.”


After the workout, the lovely Freya goes home and explores her curves in a full-length mirror. She doesn’t actually say this, but, again, I like to imagine what’s going through her mind: “Why would I want to lose ANY of this? THIS is exactly how I want to be. Only I want to get BIGGER and BIGGER and BIGGER. I look so beautiful. The only reason I ever want to “exercise” again is only so I get to squeeze myself into that tiny little outfit and show off in public for everyone to see. I’m so proud of my body. Now... where are those donuts?”


Five out of five, Freya. Thank you!

Response from the author:

Thank you so much! You guessed exactly what I was thinking, I guess the feedee is that obvious😏

Thank you for your sweet words and positive encouragement! 

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