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This is meant to be a sequel to "Helping Your Coworker Get Fat" but can stand on its own as a solo clip!

You're at work so I decided to film a little update for you. I've quit my job to become your own personal stay-at-home hog, and I've been living up to the title very well! All I do all day is sit on the couch and stuff my face while watching shows or playing video games. I've been getting fatter and fatter thanks to this lifestyle and you love it. But I'm really starting to let myself go! I wear the same clothes day in and out -- just a thong and this outgrown, stained shirt -- and most of the walking I do is just to get to the fridge or to pick up the takeout orders you buy for me throughout the day. I've turned into such a slob but you don't seem to care -- in fact, you encourage it! You want me to take less showers and spend my days stuffing my face with greasy food and pleasuring myself on the couch as all the trash from my various takeout binges start to pile up. I've grown into such a lazy hog and you love it! Throughout the clip I move around the couch to show off all my new flab for you -- even huffing and puffing as I stand to show off my ass and belly hang! I don't move that often anymore so every movement is a struggle for me. I talk about how ridiculously out of shape I am, but also how I'm so helplessly addicted to being a fat, lazy hog. I even propose new, more hardcore ways to fatten me up. Things like stuffing challenges and funnel feedings, all on your dime since you love blowing me up so much. Ugh, I wish you could come home soon! I'm getting hungry again and this slob needs her feeder's attention!

A super hot and intense custom weight gain/slob clip all about what my lifestyle would be like if I were your slobby stay at home hog! Contains tons of dirty fat chat and descriptions of an ideal lifestyle where all I did was sit around and get fatter and let myself go completely! Definitely a clip for a fan of slobby hogs!

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This is so HOT 🥵. Wood has completely let themself go. They truly look like a blob in this. Plus Wood tells you what life is like being a stay at home slobby pig. A lifestyle that Ive always wanted to live so Im a little jealous 😍. HIGHLY recommend.

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