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Kitty has gained so much weight over the past couple of months that she can’t help but want to know how many inches have gone to her belly and thighs. 

She models the exact underwear set she wore for her first measurements video but this time with some slight modifications due to the extra weight. She jiggles her heavy belly and gives you a tour of all her new fat from head to toe.

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Wow just being new to follow and my first purchase. OMG it was so worth it your measurements were hot 🥵 Just seeing the comparisons you had from the previous was incredible. Loved those jiggles you are a queen at it. Your gain is amazing 😍. Can’t wait to buy more content 🙌🏻

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So another purchase from KP, and what can I say? 10/10 once again.

KP has a real connection with her audience. That “girl next door” look and attitude, seemingly innocent and yet this girl continually delivers each time. She KNOWS what she’s doing!

These measurements are a mile away from her last set, you’re really beginning to see where the weight is going, and that’s a lot of weight let’s be honest! I’m already looking for Measurements #3, 4,5,6......

long may KP’s gain continue. She’s UNSTOPPABLE.

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(Sorry for the long review. I just can’t help it.)


The astonishing KittyPiggy just keeps getting more and more beautiful.


“HOLY CRAP!” Those were the words that spontaneously came out of my mouth in the first five seconds of this video. Surely those are the only reasonable words to say when faced with such a sight as KP in tiny lingerie, looking utterly gorgeous, and hotter than Satan’s microwave oven. You’ve heard it all before but..., my god..., her face, her double chin, her legs, her waist-to-hips ratio, her ass..., everything, really: perfection. Total perfection.


(At 02:04, just before KP explains that “we started with arms last time,” there’s one of those tiny, tiny little moments that I love. It really is super-quick, but it’s just the way she gives an almost imperceptible, graceful little lift to her belly with both hands. Tiny, I know, but just ridiculously adorable.)


After each body-part measurement, KP bends over to make a note of the number. WOW. As she does so, her belly swings and sways and hangs a considerable distance down her legs. The second time she does this, after measuring her amazing calves, elicited another “HOLY CRAP!” from me. Then, just a few seconds later, we get a total eyeful of Kitty’s SPECTACULAR legs as she lifts a heel from the floor and rotates her leg on the ball of her foot. Another “HOLY CRAP!” moment. (From then on, really, I was just saying “HOLY CRAP” every four or five seconds for the rest of the video, while trying to keep my heart rate under control.)


The increase in her measurements is..., like..., WOW! Forget Kitty’s body and face for a second (I know that’s virtually impossible) – but it’s her stunning commitment, focus, and dedication that’s just as sexy, right? The most awe-inspiring bit, for me, is her neck measurement. I get the sense that Kitty almost thought she’d made a mistake at first – the increase really is extraordinarily impressive. (And so, so beautiful.)


(Another head-exploding, totally natural little moment is at 10:09, when Kitty says “my boobs have grown a LOT. I’m so happy.”)


When the measurements are over, Kitty gives us a tour of other parts of her dream-like body. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how Kitty seems fascinated by her own curves. She seems to love studying herself. (Oh god, that would be such a cool qualification to revise for...)


As usual, the video quality here is excellent, as is the lighting. The cherry on the top is, as with all KP’s videos, her mega-cute personality and voice. I could listen to her all day long. I know it’s her mind-blowing body that’s the big draw, but I’ve just realised that even if Kitty was “normal-sized” and was posting on a website called something like chicks-with-cool-personalities.com, I’d still be obsessed with her.


Score: one million out of five.


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