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She's back and she's been shopping for those t-shirts you've been wanting. But CC couldn't remember your size! She was too distracted by her own jiggling body whilst walking around the store than to remember what to buy you. So instead she bought a few t-shirts in all of the sizes. CC realises quite quickly that she cannot try these on whilst standing up because she's far too fat and lazy for that! She sits on the floor and shows off her massive body... 


Of course once I got these home, I had to try them on... I don't even care if you'll end up telling me off! I'll take my punishment... 😈🐷

I want to keep them too! I think I look even fatter - of course I do when I'm bulging out of these tiny tee's. 


I can't wait to see you in them ❤️ 


All the love and hugs 

CC 🧡 xx

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This video gets a thumbs up from me!! Very creative video!! 

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It's great to see CC feeling better and looking as beautiful as ever in this video, amazing return to form from my all time favourite model. This video, as you'd expect, is fantastic and I really, really can't get enough of watching CC trying to squeeze into a variety of tight T-shirts, laughing and jiggling as she does. As with all of her videos her personality shines through and it honestly makes the video for me, you can see she's genuinely enjoying fighting to get the shirts on and her laughs as they roll up her huge, gorgeous belly really do add to this video and elavate it into something special.

Now obviously I'm biased, I adore everything about CC and can't get enough of her content... in fact, she could release a 30 minute video that's just her reading out a list of 18th century diseases and I'd still love it and couldn't rate it high enough. But with that said I defy anyone to not fall in love with CC after watching this, she's something special!

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Great video, those t-shirts are so incredibly tight you can see her every roll and curve and the way she struggles to put on the smallest ones is just amazing. Her voice and accent are really hot and her huge gut is just mesmerizing especially when she laughs as her belly jiggles beautifully every time.

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Glad Chubbycupcake's feeling better.  I see she hasn't lost a step in how well she performs, jiggling about, and those jumps were really exotic.

I'm ecstatic about the way she turns and talks to describe her ripping pants. 

So many animated previews and a beautiful description, which I would say sets the standard for how to present oneself. 

I enjoy CC's energetic roleplay and assortment of shirts; I feel the small sizes are a sexy, indirect size comparison given these are intended to be mine.  

I truly enjoyed her beautiful eyelashes as she looks down to flaunt them, I hope next roleplay CC bats them.  Her shimmies are so mesmerizing too.



It feels like a game of limbo for the t-shirts.  Where it stops fitting, nobody knows.  Take your bets, the bust, first belly, belly button? Your guess is as good as mine, but there's something for everybody.

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