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See Kitty in her most sensual video yet!

In her bedroom she shows off her curves in a vibrant, lace robe before stripping down to indulge in a sweet treat of strawberries and bananas drowned in thick, melted chocolate. 

Posing, jiggling and indulging - This video truly is a BBW lover’s dream. 

**Turn the audio up later on the video for some ASMR eating audio



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Well what can I say - I feel like other members have already reviewed this work of art so eloquently!

One of my first clips here and I must say that Kitty is jaw droppingly gorgeous. Everything about the clip from the slow, sensual movements in the start, to the ensemble she’s wearing and then to the way she eats those strawberries ... it’s just ... no words. 

I came here for a clip to appreciate - I left with a clip that sticks in my mind - the music, the lighting, the goddamn makeup and lingerie - it’s all so thought out down to the fine detail! 

And as if I didn’t think the clip could have gotten any better, the music fades out to let us listen to just how juicy that fruit really is. Kitty’s little moans, the crunch of the fruit and thickness of that chocolate - the audio alone drives me crazy!

As another reviewer said here, Kitty can do fun and bubbly, but this is a whole other side of her - a side that elevates her past a Curvage Model - If there is a crown, it needs to live on this goddesses head, rightly so, as the Queen of Curvage ...

5 Stars is an injustice ... this clip deserves more stars than this universe can muster up. Buy this clip, see for yourself, thank me later 

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I’m currently trying to keep my nerves steady after having just watched this video. What KP has given us here is an absolute explosion, a nuclear bomb-blast, of female beauty. This video is exactly what it says in the title: a seduction. I know, I know – all of my reviews of this stunning lady’s content are basically the same: 5/5, amazing, you should buy it now.


But seriously, if you like super-gorgeous, super-curvy women, then you REALLY, REALLY need to buy this one now. You know that bit in Lord of the Rings where Gandalf says “Fly, you fools!” just before falling off the cliff? I want you imagine him saying “Buy Strawberry Seduction, you fools!” instead.


KittyPiggy looks SOOOOOO good here.


The first three-and-a-half minutes are a sizzling display of KP in her bedroom, wearing lingerie that looks just PERFECT on her big, curvy body. I’m not even going to try to describe how she looks, as my words would be completely inadequate. Seriously, I just didn’t where to look here. This is the kind of video that makes me wish I had, like, fourteen pairs of eyes. One thing I do want to quickly mention: the curve of Kitty’s hips. OH. MY. GOD.


But... she’s only just getting started. Because KP then gives us one of the absolute best-ever displays of slow, sensual eating to have ever been uploaded to the internet. Lemme just give you a few words. Kitty’s lips. Strawberries. Melted chocolate. Messy. Kitty’s lips. Banana. Kitty’s lips. Oh, and Kitty’s lips.


Damn it, even the way Kitty is sitting is pure gold!


After several minutes, the music which has been playing (definitely not intrusive, by the way, and really helps to set the scene) comes to an end. We then get to see more of this stunning lady eating, but now with the added bonus of listening to her, as well. Let’s just say that your ears will be very, very happy.


Throughout the whole thing, we get lots of close-ups. And this is a woman who can definitely take a close-up, if you know what I mean. As I’ve probably said before, KP’s beauty transcends the fact that she’s “plus-size.” (Although it’s pretty clear that with each ounce Kitty adds to her body, she gets more and more swoon-inducingly gorgeous.) She has the kind of hyper-pretty face that causes car crashes.


There’s just something about the way Kitty dips a strawberry in chocolate and then raises it to her lips which is just so heart-stabbingly seductive. Her lips are SOOOOO luscious and I love the way she doesn’t just pop the strawberries quickly into her mouth. No, no. She really takes her time, and those lips of hers are just so incredibly succulent and full. Me, personally, I envy those strawberries. Really. Those are some goddamned lucky strawberries. (I’ve never experienced strawberry-envy before in my entire life. I guess that’s what KP does to people: makes them have thoughts they’ve never had before...)


I love it when KP’s in fun mode. But this is one versatile lady: here, she’s in full-on, total seduction mode. And it’s absolutely amazing.


Remember what Gandalf said. “Buy Strawberry Seduction, you fools!”

Response from the author:

As always, thank you so much ❤️

This was a joy to read and as much as I am usually quite playful, I'm glad you could enjoy a more sultry side... 😊

I enjoyed indulging myself in this video and happy to share it with you 😍

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Best lingerie ever, and such seductive music.  Take your time to the slow beat and savor every movement Kittypiggy makes.


I'm very happy she's full of ideas to keep things fresh.  

Watching this video is like an intimate slow dance, which gradually stripteases to become even sweeter than the chocolate-covered strawberries she eats.

It's just a plethora of treats, and that booty imprint after moving her hands clockwise is a lasting impression.  

I hope this animated gif of what I had been captures even a sample of what mesmerized me for a very long time.


The way KP eats those strawberries and bananas as the chocolate drips adds so much passion to the fire as well.

Response from the author:

Thank you, Chevalier. I really appreciate the review! ☺️ 

So glad you enjoyed the music and the video 😄

I love the GIF you made! 😍 

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Never have I seen a more lovely and amazing body than @KittyPiggy's. She is what all these girls are trying to achieve. However, Kitty simply eats and drinks and exists and she is this sexy. She is perfection and this clip shows why. Enjoy!

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Wasn’t expecting this clip kitty, very different I like the music and just like your oiling clip it’s definitely best listened to with headphones on. You are looking amazing 😍 love the strawberries and bananas being dipped in the chocolate, I think I caught the moment in one of the pics that you dropped the 1st bit of chocolate on yourself. I can tell you definitely enjoyed filming this clip kitty you made your way though the fruit very quickly before setting to work on the chocolate. As usual I have put a few pics from this amazing set on my review. Plus I didn’t realise we could make gifs on here, I will definitely have to figure out how that works. 





Response from the author:

Thank you so much! 😍

Haha, you are going to have to get practicing making those GIFs 😉

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