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As many of you know, I have been going HARD lately with the weight gain shakes. I have a massive gaining goal for my upcoming birthday so I really have had to step up my gain. I have been experimenting more and more with chugging for ya'll since I get so many requests for that, so I figured that I'd share with you a clip of me chugging my delicious, fattening weight gain shake. This shake is so FATTENING. There's mass gainer, protein powder, whipped cream, heavy cream, butter, and ice cream in it. It's THICK and heavy and so fucking good. These shakes are the secret to my enormous gain recently. Watch me suffer through the pain of chugging this thick weight gain shake for you and enjoy some painful stuffed belly play at the end. ❤️ 


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Jay Rock

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Great video overall! 

First thing, on a technical note, I noticed when first playing this directly from the site, I had some really bad latency, the audio being far more ahead of video by at least 5 seconds and it was very distracting. When I downloaded it I think it worked better, though.

As for the video itself, very great. I like that you were willing to try out something you're not super into for the viewers, but honestly, I would much rather see you do what you are into. That said, from the way you kept jiggling and slapping your belly no matter how much it hurt, I got the feeling you enjoyed the pain of it just a little bit... ;) 

Response from the author:

SO glad you enjoyed and thank you for your kind words! ❤️ I'm always willing to try new things for my fans! And yes, I do always recommend downloading the video itself! Sometimes it doesn't play right from the website directly. 

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Another great video from Casey!!! The camera angles were great, I especially loved the side view.  Her arms looked extra chubby in this video, and her hair was looking very sexy, too.  She showed a good amount of struggling when she was drinking her shake, but sure managed to suck it down fast.  Her belly looked pretty distended by the end.  Lots of belly play as well in this vid.  I highly recommend.

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Ooh I love how eager Casey is here. Such a beautiful description that every word pads her figure and her transparent light purple top welcomes me to seeing her beautiful nipples. 

Thank you for being open to the world of chugging as people wanted. Casey is a good listener and I am glad she absorbs my energy to radiate so well 🌞.

As she motions for her belly, I am happy Casey can engage in how proficient she is becoming with prior chug videos, like the syrup one, giving her the results she has today to do more. In simplest terms, My girl got good!

This roleplay has her leveling up in a weight gain RPG. I note her stat growths include: 
+2 Stomach Constitution, with the new ability to chug shakes.

+3 Intelligence - She breaks down this caloric bomb of a shake, much like a chef would delve into ingredients. I love these vivid explanations, especially as she transmutes her protein powder from those skinny workout days to now get large and in charge.

+3 Belly Vitality - Casey's belly is now the center of attention even with a lower center of gravity. I would say it generates as much shock (in reactions) as it absorbs from every jiggle.

+2 Dexterity- Affordable vids with better quality means more to love for us all. Low risk with lots of time and consistent quality to get to where she wants when she wants and savor every moment.

+2 Charisma: Those descriptions are making me have to get inventive to keep up. Best feedback loop ever.

It's so much fun to be supportive here and see what she gets involved to, as she shares her story and luck with us all.

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