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Join @KittyPiggy as she measures ChubbyCupcake's massive body! 

Find out all her measurements after her first month on curvage ❤️ 

Then watch her teach little @KittyPiggy how she takes a shake down a funnel 😈


I tried to measure myself ages ago when I first started here last month but I couldn't physically do it! I'm that fat!

So I had to wait till both Kitty Piggy and I were free to meet up and measure my huge body. I was actually shocked myself as I don't weigh or measure myself unless it is requested. I liked to be as shocked as you 😜 

BUT my FAVOURITE PART was showing Kitty how I chug shake down a funnel. I think she was shocked at how it works and hadn't seen a funnel like mine before... I am definitely going to help her get fatter very quickly!! 🐷😍


All the love and hugs 

CC xx

20CC9DDB-7B6E-4133-9D66-806FA63A2A33.thumb.gif.5a68b0f196ca1dc5fd04a72003d7d020.gif - Pre Video! 

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These two are pure magic on screen! This is incredible to watch.

Curves that will blow your mind. It's great watching the massive shake go down with ease.
Does what it says on the box. Very mesmerizing!

Treat yourself to this clip. You deserve the best.
But be ready to be overwhelmed. Have your drool bib ready.

sexy music video GIF

PS Americans have the same body measuring tapes. I have one in my drawer now. Same length.  ;)

Response from the author:

Whatever will we do then ;) 


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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

After just watching your weigh in vid chubby cupcake I thought I would check this vid out too so glad I did. You and kitty are so great together 😍. I love how kitty struggled at times to get her arms around you. Your measurements are amazing the belly one especially. I had to include pics too. Love the chugging then the burping and a little hiccup at the end 😍. Wow I can only imagine how much kitty could gain chugging the way you have been. I can’t wait to see what else you two have planned 🐷🐷😍.



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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

All my reviews are the same, a perfect 10/10 honestly. I'm crushing on CC so hard its insane! Luv luv luv !! ♥️


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Two greats on screen together! Nice bonus of having ChubbyCupcake absolutely kill a funnel chug of some weight gain shake. So awesome.

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I mean, I don’t even know where to start here... I can’t articulate a sentence that would even begin to sum up how incredible this video is. The beautiful CC and KittyPiggy together in a video... absolutely immense 

anna kendrick mind blown GIF

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@ChubbyCupcake and @KittyPiggy together again, always a winning combination! This video perfectly compliments CC’s weigh in vid, to help get an even better idea of her size!

these two work together wonderfully, their natural on screen charm and playfulness, combined with their eagerness to get CC’s accurate measurements, make this a delight to watch!

Don’t miss out, and don’t buy this without buying her weigh in Clip too!

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The only normal reaction to watching this video would be to start gibbering in delight, and then to collapse to the ground in a foetal position while foaming at the mouth. Nevertheless, I have picked myself up off the floor, wiped my chin, and taken a few minutes to recover my senses. And now I must calmly urge you to buy this video if you have any sense at all.

This video is an eye-popping explosion of female pulchritude from not just one of my Internet Crushes, but two of them. Yes, ChubbyCupcake and KittyPiggy on camera together. In the same room. Wearing barely-there outfits. But it gets even more epic: Kitty measures CC’s voluptuous body. And then Kitty funnel-feeds CC. Read my lips: IT. DOES. NOT. GET. ANY. BETTER. THAN. THIS.

Look, why are you even reading this? I’m only going to witter on, as is my wont, about how perfect these two ladies are. Why aren’t you buying and downloading this for yourself right now? Go and buy it NOW. Get it downloading. Then come back and keep reading.

Gotta love how happy CC looks as Kitty reads off the measurements for her ankles, calves, and the other parts of that juicy, oh-so-squeezable body of hers. CC looks so proud of the big numbers being reeled off, and the effect is soooooo frikkin’ sexy. And well done to CC for asking Kitty to stand up, and for knowing we all want to see that delectable Kitty-behind. (Incidentally, CC looks effing magnificent when she gathers up her hair for her neck measurement. I think I have a thing for long hair that’s tied back. Something to do with emphasising the prettiness of the face and neck. Anyway. Deep breaths.)

You NEED to watch what happens when they try to measure CC’s voluptuous tummy. CC looks so happy. I’m not sure there are many things more sexy than two young bombshell BBWs measuring each other and clearly being proud and thrilled by their achievements.

The video could have ended there, and we would all have been as happy as schoolkids on the first day of the summer holidays. But no. You will want to start applauding wildly and letting out whoops of jubilation when we see CC with a pipe in her mouth. No, not a Sherlock Holmes kind of a pipe. It’s a pipe at the other end of which is a funnel, into which Kitty is pouring a no doubt devilishly calorific gaining-shake.

The final couple of minutes belong to CC, as she fondles herself and ponders the future. She basically seduces the camera and sets our computer screens on fire. If the future is more of the same (by which, I mean an awesome personality, ravishing facial beauty, and a growing body that makes you want to praise the lord), then I am STOKED.

This video is hotness defined. Look, how can I makes this clearer? BUY. THIS. NOW. HOT. DAMN.

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Just from watching I love the polar opposites Chubbycupcake with her mesh on the sides, and Kittypiggy with it all out in the front.

This video showed me that measuring is always better with a partner.  I do enjoy the subtle chemistry they have.  I can't really tell the height difference much, though I'm happy CC told KP to get up, and that was good timing to signal for some bootyful surprises when they turn around as well.

I would say this is a synchronized swimming with all that chub to love.

The side views and the fact there is plenty of boobage to enjoy only means things can get better over time, especially with that Funnel Chubbycupcake had.

The best part is the full-on contact to guarantee accuracy.  Having that tape measure run out an inch short is definitely something to celebrate.  I won't spoil that triumphant moment.

Thanks for the quality assurance, ladies.  Hope next time KP takes the main role.

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