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**OFFER: This clip is being listed as 50% off as an Easter treat - enjoy! 🐰

Kitty has been challenged by our very own @ChubbyCupcake to eat the entire contents of her Easter basket. If she does, CC will be forced to chug a 22k calorie shake... 

Watch Kitty stuff herself with the sickly chocolate in her outgrown Easter outfit as rubs her soft belly. 

Will Kitty be able to do it? 


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Here’s an absolute monster of a video. If you’re an admirer of divine women, you MUST purchase it. Kitty knocks the ball out of the park with this one. In fact, she knocks the ball so far out of the park that you’ll need to buy a new one. You’re never getting that ball back.

Kitty is gold-plated, heart-breaking perfection. One of the (many, many) things I’m in awe of is the way that Kitty started out here on Curvage as gob-smackingly pretty – but just continues to get even more and more beautiful. I’m an absolute sucker for a pretty face, and Kitty has one of the prettiest faces I’ve ever seen on a BBW – actually, come to think of it, on any woman full stop. Her face is enough to make a bishop kick a hole in a stained-glass window. Her cheeks and double chin are just unbelievably exquisite here. What a privilege to be allowed to see this stunning woman’s transformation.

As we’ve come to know from Kitty, her hair, makeup, nails, everything, is perfect. I really like how she clearly goes the extra mile with these things. And then there’s the outfit... I just let out a long drawn-out breath as I typed that. I have no words. Seriously. No words. The word “cute” seems woefully, cruelly inadequate. Let’s just say that if you’re a “breast person,” then you need to buy this video right now.

Making everything just even more wonderful (on top of the face, the body, and the outfit) is Kitty’s personality, which really is just so adorably cute. She has a lovely sense of humour and we get to see plenty of her heart-skippingly gorgeous smile, as she talks us through her giant eating challenge (set by another Curvage mega-beauty, ChubbyCupcake).

The thing that continues to lift this video up into the realms of all-time classic status are the “ingredients,” so to speak. Just little things like when Kitty says “I don’t wanna use the spoon,” as she puts said implement down in order to more effectively devour her chocolate egg. The beautiful little sounds of satisfaction she makes while feeding that pretty face. The way her hands just naturally stray to her belly, cradled between her meaty thighs. The way those juicy lips slowly lock around the calorific morsels. The ecstatic, barely noticeable, little roll of the eyes at 08:09 as she finishes the mini-eggs. Her all-round cuteness when she accidentally knocks her bunny ears off. The way she grips the Crunchie bar in both hands as she takes her first bite. There are loads of beautiful little moments like this. I won’t keep on listing them. You’ll find your own favourites when you’ve bought the video. Which you really must do.

There’s a change of camera angle around halfway through which allows us to focus on one of my favourite things: KittyPiggy’s face. But I managed to also notice how wonderfully curved and rounded her shoulders and arms have become. It makes me want to repeat something from earlier: Kitty was outstandingly beautiful to begin with, but is just looking better and better as she continues her truly extraordinary gaining-adventure. When she gets to 400 lbs, she is going to look just INCREDIBLE.

Kitty is, without a shadow of doubt, one of the most perfect women in the world. Those curves, all that luscious flesh. And that face... oh my, that face. I hope this beautiful lady feels like the goddess that she is, and that she’s treated like royalty in her real life.

5 out of 5 stars really doesn’t do this video justice.

Response from the author:

Wow, this has honestly made my day. I'm so glad you enjoyed the video and I'm beyond grateful for such a wonderful, thoughtful review. I'm a little bit lost for words actually.

I'm also so happy you share my love for the "Curvage mega-beauty" (LOVE that!) that is ChubbyCupcake. 😍 

I just really appreciate you and so happy that I have people like you supporting me on my weight gain journey! 

I hope you have a wonderful day ❤️❤️❤️ 

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I like this challenge Kitty 🐷, join kitty as she greedily tucks into the basket full of chocolate. Starting with the egg and spoon Chocolate eggs but kitty doesn’t need a spoon and eats all of them by hand in the first 5 minutes of the vid. Then moving onto the mini eggs and finally two crunchy bars. Kitty’s outfit can barely contain her growing curves as she shows us how much her belly hangs now and her growing back rolls 😍. Can’t wait to see you consume the shake kitty that is going to be so many calories going on top of what you have already eaten 🐷.



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Kitty, you're truly getting sooooo round. Love your outfit! You're so pretty on top of getting fatter!  Can't for that shake chug! You're gonna be a legendary gainer....already are ;)

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This is a valuable way to spend time, especially Easter, at a good pace.  

I am happy to pick up when Kittypiggy noted her erect bunny ears.  Very seductively played, my dear.

Every lean and treat opening is a celebration of calories and KP's drive to go for it all.

Her boobs popping out are a great treat as she makes more room with beautiful belly play.  The occasional bit of booty is a wonderful experience too.

All those mini eggs in her mouth kinda reminds me of the chubby bunny challenge.  Nice idea and she makes cute sounds too.


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A Masterpiece, really like the way she talk, the way she smile in that video, she's eating those treats with such eagerness. In every new video she make i tell myself how perfect that body is, but everytime she's looking better. She look bigger then ever, and i don't see her slowing down anytime soon. Can't wait to see the 300lbs Weigh-in video :)

Have you seen those stretchies ?? sooooooo sexy

Edit :Also, make-up and hair game on point !

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