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This 36 minute video is the April 2019 mid-month giveaway. I have worked incredibly hard to provide you with this video (and the others). I cannot begin to thank you enough for your support and feedback. Without you – I am just girl next door who hasn’t got a clue 😂


Join CC in her drive home from the doctors when she decides to stop off at McDonald’s. Get to know her, see her order enough food for 3 people and eat some of it in the car park whilst getting excited that people are watching her! She then drives home in her tiny car to finish off the food at home where she can relax and tell you about what the doctor said about her weight. This is a relaxed video where you can feel intimately connected – like you’re in the car with her, driving home and watching her eat all of that food. It’s just like any other day… Maybe the next time you can join her? 


WARNING - Proceed with Caution 😏

This video may contain some burping, sloppy eating, piggish behaviour, and more funny intimate information about CC. She would love to get to know you and have you know all about her too.


This video was exciting. I felt so naughty, like the people watching me would get out of their cars and come over and tell me how bad I was. Even watching the footage back – I cannot believe how enormous I am in my car! I really should look at getting a new one…


When home, I get even more full as I stuff my face with the rest of the food and drink the McFlurry!

Do you think I’ll be able to beat this amount next time?


All the love and hugs

My gratitude is overflowing.

CC ❤️ xx 

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(Memo to self: must start writing shorter reviews.)

Another instant classic to be bought and savoured like a fine wine. The stunning CC sure is lovin’ it here. And we’re lovin’ her for lovin’ it.

Feel like spending thirty-six minutes in the company of a goddess who looks like she exists only in a dream? Then this is the video for you.

We start off in the car with the beautiful CC as she visits a McDonalds drive-thru. Check out her swooningly cute double-chin as she orders. Heavenly. Just heavenly. As per usual, CC’s natural sexiness and mega-watt charisma shine brightly. Gotta love her reaction to finding out they’re all out of Creme Egg McFlurries. Top, top marks on the adorableometer. And knowing that it’s completely spontaneous makes it somehow really, really, really sexy.

CC asks if her fans have any weird pet peeves about food. Here goes. My girlfriend and I like to go out for breakfasts. I always, always go for the full English. Yeah man. But I really don’t like it when I get handed a couple of measly sachets of brown sauce. Even worse is when they give me a tiny little bowl of the stuff. Damn it, gimme the bottle! I want to drown my food in sauce, not use it all up after a couple of forkfuls. So yeah. Forget Brexit. Bottles versus sachets. Now there’s a true debate for our times.

Enough about me. Let’s get back to the star: CC gets her food and finds a space in the car park. The sight of her shovelling fries into her pretty face is one to treasure. I’m loving the whole exhibitionism thing as well, when she rolls up her top to proudly show off her magnificent curves. I get the impression that CC likes the idea that some people would shake their head at her in disapproval, while all the time she knows that she is worshipped by her fans for doing what she does.

After driving home, CC just keeps on eating. For a while, that breathtaking belly seems unfillable. She makes her Big Mac look tiny as she takes greedy bites out of it. So far the video’s been 10 out of 10, but things go up another notch, if that’s possible, when CC merrily whips off her top to reveal a sexy bra and, of course, her incredible tummy in all its unleashed glory. There’s a lovely section about 22:07 where she stops eating and just starts really sensuously breathing and feeling herself - before popping out the sweetest burp.

We gets loads more eating and a great little story about a visit to the doctor. At the end, CC just flings her head back and relaxes. I’m speculating here of course, but I get the impression it’s all about that jutaposed combination of feeling stuffed to the point of discomfort, but at the same time knowing that every single mouthful was contributing to keeping her miracle of a body just the way it should be: beautifully fat and steadily growing.

I don’t really need to labour this point, but I will anyway: CC is not just “another” BBW. Yes, her body is a masterpiece of feminine curvy beauty, and I can’t wait to see her getting bigger and bigger and bigger. She’s just going to get more and more beautiful. But what lifts CC into the stratosphere is her drop-dead gorgeous face, her smile, her humour, and her fantastic personality. I get the feeling she’s one of those people that you just want to spend time with.

What I’d like to see more of is CC’s body. I know that sounds kinda obvious, but what I mean is some full-length stuff. Top to toe. I am loving, loving, loving the eating vids, but I hope we get to see some more panoramic showing-off of the results: full-length views of that insanely beautiful, rounded body. Walking around in tiny lingerie. Dancing, perhaps? Heck, I don’t mind. I’d pay to watch her sorting through a skipful of carpet remnants.

One more thing. It’s really obvious that CC is taking a lot of care with, and putting thought into, these videos she’s making. They are so, so much more than your standard “cute chick sits in a badly-lit room and uninterestedly eats, while tinny rap music plays in the background” scenario. CC’s videos are much, much more than that.

Overall: another classic from an AMAZING lady.

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Just like every other video from CC, this one is amazing. Look, by now we all now how beautiful CC is from top to bottom, her heavenly looks, her incredible body and her amazing personality are always going to make good content, you really can’t miss with this one. What I did like, however, was this had a different feeling from a lot of other stuffing videos I’ve seen, this had a much more ‘intimate’ feeling to it, you genuinely feel like you’re sharing the journey (both the drive and the stuffing) with CC, something that I didn’t realise how much I’d enjoy. This is fantastic from start to finish and it goes without saying the end result is mind blowing. 

The only thing that got me with this one is the fact that this particular McDonald’s seems to have Monopoly stickers on more of their packaging than I’ve seen before, so I feel like I’ve been cheated by my regular McDonald’s... pretty sure I could have won a Mini by now... 

amazing work as always, CC! 

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Amazingly hot video, she just keeps eating and eating while showing off her huge body and belly. The public part where she lets her belly hang out freely while in her car really pushes all the right buttons. 5/5 great video as always

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cai man

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Nice video that you wanted to share with us!
Multitasking while driving and finally relax on the couch to finish your meal.

Absolutely astounding and you deserve more than the five stars I can give you! 

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This is my 1st clip from ChubbyCupcake and I have to say I’m impressed. I’ve never seen someone buy so much from McDonald’s and eating quite a bit of it in the car park where people could see you and driving along with your belly out 😍 is so hot. Hearing what the doctor said to you and your reply about exercise is so funny 😂. Plus I really liked the bloated hiccups you had at various points in the vid, watching your belly jiggle with each hiccup was amazing. I’m a big fan of hiccups in eating vids if you ever get anymore in your future vids. You looked so stuffed by the end 🐷. I really enjoyed this vid, and I can’t wait to check out more of your content.

Response from the author:

I’m so pleased that you’ve had a good first experience with your first clip! I’ll definitely mark on my videos if they include burping or hiccups so you’ll know for future reference x

its been great connecting with you tonight 🥰🧡

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In ChubbyCupcake’s latest video, she wants to show you just how much food she can put away, and she does NOT disappoint! 

She orders herself an obscene amount of food, and amount even she can’t believe she actually orders! The reaction of her sheer disbelief on the amount she spends is priceless!

After ordering, she of course devours her order. It’s so hot to see her sneakily getting her belly out in her car, knowing full well someone could see her at any moment! She looks pretty well stuffed into her small car, which must be quite a turn on for her!

she takes the rest home and treats us to her finishing it off. 

CC’s charm comes from her incredible natural beauty, her “girl next door” attitude and her enticing smile. This all adds up to be an absolute pleasure to watch. 

You won’t be disappointed! 

Response from the author:

I was so shocked at the amount!!!!

Thank you so much ❤️ 

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