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Your fat little hucow girl has eaten herself stuffed again, and she wants to show off to you in this erotic clip. She rubs lotion on her painfully full belly, moaning about how full she is with two hands full of fat. "God, that feels so good... God, I'm so full..." Dani makes full eye contact with the camera, panting as she works the lotion in between her rolls and around the tight ball of belly sitting between her thighs. As she massages, her hands slowly creep toward her belly button. "Fuck, it's so deep..."

She squirts even more lotion on herself, before inserting two fingers into her cavernous belly button with a loud squelch. "It's nice and lubed up now... ungh, fuck. Look how much it jiggles when I finger f*ck it." You can hear her belly slapping against her thighs and her eyes roll back in her head while she fingers her belly button. Even more slippery oil is smeared on her fattened body, and she laments how you've gotten her so big and fat that her tits won't stay in her 3XL bra. Her tits are so big and full of milk, too. "You've turned me into a big, fat cow... I love being your dumb hucow bimbo."

Sher giggles, enamored at how bouncy and fat she's gotten, before turning shy eyes on you. Tits and gut jiggling, she starts giving out meek little "Moooo~" sounds. "It's so embarrassing, hehe... mooooooo~"

This video is FULL of dirty talk, belly play, fat chat, moaning and heavy breathing. I mean seriously, listen with headphones, because the sound of me squelching in and out of my belly button is so erotic.

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