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Come and watch ChubbyCupcake guzzle a whole bottle of full fat coke and stuff herself with a box of Cadbury's brownies. 


I really think I could have pushed myself and done another bottle!! What do you think? 


All the love and hugs 

CC xx


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Amazing... so so amazing. I absolutely love this video and from start to finish you get the impression CC loved making it as much as I, and you, loved watching it. CC is looking absolutely resplendent in this video, her beautiful face and hair combined with a stunning outfit that doesn’t quite cover her incredible body make this clip legendary from the very start. CC knows how to make amazing content and this quality is seen all the way through. The way she squeezes and jiggles and caresses her body from the first shot makes it worth the price of admission alone and it only gets better from there. CC talks us through her outfit, smiling her gorgeous smile the whole time, before sitting down heavily in a chair that will soon be way too small for her stunning body. 

The views we get of CC are incredible, her beautiful belly out on display, never wanting for attention, combined with her amazing personality make this one of my favourite clips, easily an instant classic. Watching CC chug her way through a full bottle of Coke combined with the brownies will definitely put a smile on your face. 

I can’t praise this video enough and I can’t thank CC enough for putting amazing content out there, you will not regret buying this clip - I really can’t recommend it enough! It’s the little things that make it just that bit more special, the beautiful smile to the camera as she works her way through the Coke and brownie combo, the playful way she moves her hair, the gentle squeezes and jiggles of her already legendary belly, topped off with adorable burps towards the end make this clip a masterclass. 

CC has already hit legendary status and this clip confirms it, I’m completely smitten 😍

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Those panties CC has are so seductive.  I didn't know she had a tattoo on her back; it's a beautifully hidden secret.

I do enjoy how Chubbycupcake talks about how her shirt just became a crop top.  I do feel the cuts on the sides allow room to grow and not suffocate in tightness have room to grow.

After this fantastic start she gets really into things with the soda and chocolates.  The motion and her reactions are so mesmerizing.

I do love how careful she is opening that Coca-Cola; that prime directive is: Don't ever let carbonation spill even 1 drop!

Seeing a brownie so small compared to her, it's fun to explore where she puts those on her body before eating.  Kinda like a hidden object game.  I hope she tries that out that next time, especially with her growing belly button.

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Browsing the site this morning, I stumbled across ChubbyCupcake’s content. Within a few seconds, I was hooked. I became an instant fan, and knew I had to buy everything to do with this incredible lady.

This was the first video I bought of hers, and, wow, all I can say is... wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. We all know those moments of fear as we’re downloading a video, hoping the reality matches our hopes, right? Well, I really didn’t need to fear. Not with CC. No way. She’s exceeded my hopes a million times over.

Let me start off with a few things about one of my favourite things about CC: her face. She is amazingly, stunningly pretty. So, so beautiful. Her eyes, her smile, her hair, her double chin. Just.. wow. (There’s probably going to be a few more “wows” in this review. Translate it to a sort of speechless awe at how incredible this stunning woman is.) She really is a jaw-droppingly pretty lady.

Next, her personality. So, so important. And CC has a fantastic personality. One, she’s fun. Two, she’s confident And three, she’s utterly determined to show off her beautiful, beautiful body. Taken together, those three characteristics add up to a seriously entertaining mix. She knows she looks amazing. I love, love, love, it when BBWs tell us how good they look and how much they admire their own bodies. The exact word CC uses here is that she “adores” how she looks. It’s a fabulous moment of totally unforced super-sexiness.

Oh my god, I haven’t got onto her body yet. That body... Where do I start? To die for. Just... wow. Every single tiny part of her is dazzling. Her curves are absolutely incredible. Out of this world. Am I going a bit too far in writing that it actually felt like a privilege to be watching this stunning woman?

Alright, what actually happens in the video? Well, basically CC glugs a bottle of full-fat Coke and stuffs her oh-so-pretty face with brownies. It’s quite simply a beautiful, beautiful sight to behold.

But as I mentioned in my reviews of another Curvage star, KittyPiggy, it’s the little things that make this video so hypnotisingly brilliant. It’s CC’s look of disappointment when she sees how small her brownies are. It’s the eye contact she maintains as she lifts the Coke to her lovely lips and starts to suck. It’s her super-cute responses to her adorable belches. Her charming confession that she’s addicted to playing with, and admiring, her mind-blowing curves. The way she stuffs the brownies into her mouth in a ravenous, yet somehow beautifully delicate, way. The way she plays with her hair. The way she moves in for a close-up of her gorgeous face while slowly eating the last brownie.

Let’s sum up. A staggeringly beautiful face. A truly fun, engaging, and deeply sexy personality. And a body so wonderful that one can’t do anything but gaze with a sort of blank-faced astonishment.

Wow. Just... wow.



Response from the author:

This actually made me emotional to read. You are so kind and I'm far too sensitive to when people say nice things to me 😂❤️ 

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Absolutely incredible. There's no other words for it, just absolutely incredible.

If you don't buy this video, you'll be doing yourself a disservice. A+++ as usual for CC and the quality/attention she puts into her clips.

Response from the author:

So so kind of you ❤️ 

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Another video, another instant 5 star review! This chick is the real deal, beautiful, chubby, and so seductive! Swoooon! 😍

Response from the author:

You’re soo kind 🧡

thank you so much for the feedback xx

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