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Your sexy piggy is laid back on the couch, burping and rubbing her gigantic stuffed belly. "You want me to try on clothes now?" She groans, grabbing a handful of fat.

After you insist, Dani hauls herself up off the couch, her entire fattened body jiggling. She puts on a show for you as she tries to yank an old pair of jeans past her ass. After lots of shaking and squishing and whining about how full she is, she manages to get them up past her hips, but fails to get them buttoned around her belly. She then yanks on a much outgrown shirt, and treats you to a close-up belly massage and navel play.

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Such a big girl you are don't think I haven't noticed the struggle you tried to grab that soda can but couldn't grab anything properly more than 5 feet away you were even huffing partially as you tried to grab the drink. though if that, was it then ok however I really do like what you've been up to you do look good in clothes you are twice or thrice as exhausted just by pulling up clothes that should fit any other slim girl.  if you are willing to complain then the best choice of action is to just stay as you were in your lounge clothes. Dani's strong traits definitely show more than most gainers who just started gaining it is eating too much food sometimes even to the point where your tummy has hurt and being more lazy than the average sized human! tasks she does not want to commit to as a big girl at is taking a shower, work (if you still work) getting dressed (80% of clothes she buys the other 20% that fit over her huge ass are usually too tight for breathing room be proud about it) & getting up off her beautiful wide ass & belly to make herself comfortable on whatever she sits on. don't worry though there is light at the end of the tunnel or fat! everything is going to continue to grow as you continue to be this lazy more & more & more until  you get too lazy to walk so you then have to waddle while waddling you continue to deny your fat & eat until you can't get off your bed to even waddle to your seat one to day instead you will just be in your bed helpless without any assistance ordering food all day to be delivered & consumed into that body month after month which was once the size of a human now the size of 2 big round objects just combine them & you get the size Dani is now!

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