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I am a galactic princess but, oh no! I have been enslaved! I have been trapped here for so long just eating and lounging around, I have gotten immensely FAT! I see that you are watching me in my skimpy clothes. Even tho I ate a bunch of food before you arrived, I keep eating and drinking fattening things, making me bloat up.

I show you how ridiculously fat I have gotten by measuring my tits, belly and booty. They are all ENORMOUS. I AM BIGGER THAN I HAVE EVER BEEN!

You come to the scale with me and I am stunned by how much I weigh! I am squealing! This is THE MOST I'VE EVER WEIGHED!!

Back in my room, I am pulling my chain into my belly. My belly is so soft, the chain disappears into the softness..

I eat more candy and drink soda, belching loudly. Shaking my belly to get more burps out while you watch me. Hehe.

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I remember when Jellykat was a smol skinny girl but she has grown SO MUCH since then!

This video is an absolute must for those who like chunky women! :)

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For years now, I wondered what JK would look like if she were this big, it's been worth the wait Thanks for filming this in horizontal landscape btw, you look amazing!

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Guest Greg Johnson

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First of all, BUY this video. Even if you didn’t watch her beginning of April weigh in video. But, if you didn’t, go back and buy that too so you can see the incredible difference in her weight in only 6 weeks!!! From the get go, she is noticeably fatter, from her face, her humongous belly and butt, and pretty much just all over she looks heavier in such a short amount of time. There is so much to love about this video that you just have to see for yourself. I really really hope she does another month long or even 2-month long stuffing with before and after comparisons again to push herself to try to gain more the next time around! So sexy and you can tell she’s super aroused by all the dough she’s managed to pack on!

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