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Watch ChubbyCupcake mess around, laugh, joke, jiggle her fat, and talk about how big she has got. 



I really don't know what happened!

I think that when I last washed it I must have put it on a hot wash and it has shrunk... because I don't think I look that much different ;) 

Did I really get this huge? 

If I grew this much in a few years... how much more do you think I could grow in a few more 😍


All my love and lots of *hugs*

CC xx

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This was my first clip purchased from ChubbyCupcake, and I was absolutely blown away.  She gives of a real sense of fun and excitement from the very first second, and when she appears on screen in a desperately inadequate bra and underwear set (and seeming pretty short of breath too, I must say!), she sets the stage for 11 minutes of arduous, sweaty and very sexy struggle!  Her rugby days may be behind her (or so it would seem from how tight those shorts are looking), but this new career is looking like offering all sorts of enjoyment to fans!  Highly recommended.

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So if there's one word I can use to describe this, it's genuine. ChubbyCupcake conveys a real sense of joy in this video. She's loving how little everything fits, and I found it impossible to not get swept up in that. 

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Try-on videos are one of my favourite genres on here and this one is certainly no different! It's sexy and a ton of fun right from the start as CC appears in already too small and tight set of underwear. And she's already out of breath! Which is a nice pre-cursor of what is to come. I have to love CC's naive optimism believing her rugby top will still fit her at the start of the video. I don't want to post any spoilers but I am sure you do not have to be a clairvoyant to work out what happens... As for those shorts? Well lets just say it's super sexy watching CC try with all her might to pull them on, struggling relentlessly against her sheer girth and blubber. Do not miss out on this!  

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This is one of the best I've heard if you like hearing out of shape fatties trying clothes on. Her Breathlessness is so sensual and you feel you can have a laugh and relaxed just watching it, the belly and huge muffin she made from that top is incredible, The quality is incredible and you can even see the cute chins forming and bed denting, and to top it off, she drinks and also has a basket of crisps to prove she can't resist food even after the innocent "I haven't got that fat question" with one of the loveliest accents I've heard from a girl up centre of the UK

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Utterly fantastic. Great quality and absolutely worth a purchase, no disappointments to be found here! It's hard to not get utterly infatuated with CC's confidence and beauty.

It really is something to behold, and I 100% recommend giving this a purchase! You'll be missing out if you don't..

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Wow lol Chubbycupcake is out of breath just for starting. I do feel she reminds me of Mr. Incredible getting stuck too.


Superb video quality and cute outgrown panty/bras. At the time of upload, she even broke the internet, outgrowing to make Curvage slow down while I tried to buy this.

I love seeing her lay down and really show off every curve pushing everything to the max.

The 2nd effort she puts to make things go past that first belly was tough, but the double belly was too much to contain.  

That rugby shirt was a 3 act story, with the breasts as an easy hurdle, but in CC's shape, she needed a break.  

Then to the main event to pull that rugby shirt over her first belly, and the 2nd is just taunting us, as though to say not for long, as it rides up when she celebrates pulling it over for a second.

In the 3rd act, she becomes wiser and uses the underbelly to hold things together like a paperweight.  Power of gravity
and voila!  She barely made it with a belly weight

And yes, CC, be a plus size model even if you have to democratize and be fantastic here.  Loved the poses for Nike you pulled.

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