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Samus Atran has baked some delicious cookies for Wood after a hard day at work, but Wood is watching their weight so they can be the best trophy partner for Samus. Samus has other plans for Wood, though! She removes her necklace and begins to let it swing in front of Wood's eyes as they watch it. Wood's eyes are getting heavy as they watch the necklace, falling into a susceptible state. Samus has mesmerized Wood!! Wood's head drops and Samus further pushes them and plants thoughts & feelings into Wood's mind about eating more. When they awake, Wood will feel so hungry and will eat anything that Samus puts in front of them. Wood awakes and feels hungry, ready to eat the delicious cookies that Samus has prepared. Wood can't help themselves and gobbles up the cookies. Once Wood is full and totally stuffed after eating all the cookies, they say they're done eating, but Samus decides otherwise!

Samus puts Wood into another mesmerized state and pushes Wood's mind even further. While Wood is dazed and under Samus's spell, Samus pulls out their belly tells them how obedient Wood will be, eager to be a growing, fat himbo when they wake. Samus has another plate of cookies ready for when Wood awakes, feeding them even fatter as they caress Wood's growing fat belly. Even when Wood is completely stuffed, they still want to eat even more!! How far will Samus take Wood's stuffing? Featuring Samus Atran and REAL hypnosis!

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