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Bella hasn’t seen Casey or Lauren since before quarantine, and they’ve finally all met up for a sleepover to catch up.

They immediately notice that all three of them have gained a LOT of weight during lockdown, and start exploring each others bodies, commenting on how much fatter they all look in person. IMG_0357.thumb.jpg.623c08f122347ebc23ed0e6d5e136a39.jpgComparing bodies, Bella gets jealous of Laurens extra fat curves, and asks her to share her secrets for getting perfectly big like her.
Laurens secret? Donuts! She feeds a very greedy, horny Bella a custard filled donut in just a few bites.

Bella then gets jealous of Casey’s perfect round belly, unable to keep her hands off it.IMG_0359.thumb.jpg.10e5e60b588701447c47d6228eb0323e.jpg

Bella begs for tips on getting that shape, and Casey suggests chugging soda or beer to round out. They have a chugging contest,IMG_0360.thumb.jpg.1aa037e05ac1985d9878a42a2c68791e.jpg then decide Bella needs more to round out in front of her friends.IMG_0362.thumb.jpg.d7ebc9c599472a8161bd3c2e610f8802.jpg Belching and belly play ensue.IMG_0365.thumb.jpg.7785a56f21e8f0c7eaa235b24650ef83.jpg

The chemistry in this clip is off the charts!IMG_0372.thumb.jpg.55221db7b34ee0258bb9d018d3e31ac1.jpg










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Obviously I’m a huge fan of any content involving @LushLauren, so I had to purchase this gem!!! 💎 Nothing like Curvage’s finest joining forces! 🔥🐷🐷🐷🔥 These fatties just keep on growing and growing and show exactly why that is! 🍩🍻🍩🍻🍩 In addition to all the glutinous behavior and overindulging in this clip, these girls clearly have so much fun together! I want in on this slumber party! 🤤🤤🤤

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌 Cannot miss this legendary trio! 

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Thick curvy goddess @Bella Abbondanza couldn't be happier to finally spend some time in person - in the flesh - with her two pretty, plump friends, Casey and Lauren.  But before long, being caught between @Curvage Casey with her gloriously rotund gut and @LushLauren, who actually is as big around as she is tall (if you don't believe me, wait until the last couple of minutes when she turns sideways - it becomes VERY apparent), Bella begins to wonder if she's measuring up.  Sure, she's thick, but is she big enough? (btw, Bella, you're crazy hot and don't let anyone tell you otherwise)

Lauren immediately attempts to address Bella's insecurity with the offer of a delicious cream-filled donut, providing her much appreciated encouragement as Bella practically grabs the donut out of Lauren's hand with her mouth!!  The scene escalates further when Casey, apparently not fully aware of Bella's insane chugging skills, challenges her to a beer v. coke race, which Bella wins handily while at the same time visibly increasing the size of her belly.  With such wonderful, supportive friends as Casey and Lauren, Bella should soon have nothing at all to worry about.

Also, if it's not obvious enough from the pics, nobody's hardly wearing any clothes in this clip, so it's got that going for it as well . . . 😉

Response from the author:

Thank you, this is so descriptive and I love seeing it through your eyes!

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