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It's my birthday month, so let's celebrate together! 
my most popular clips are ALL HALF OFF
~ All September long ~

Original Price: $9.99

Santa can't make it this year because she's stuck in this chimney! 

Watch as this sexy plump Santa babe struggles to stuff her chunky body into the chimney. Starting with her colossal ass, she tries over and over to squeeze it in.. just with no luck :(  It just doesn't seem like this is going to work at first.. But sexy Santa is determined to deliver gifts this year!

She's manages to jiggles, bounce, and shake her chubby self just enough to become wedged so tightly in the chimney that there is no way for her own to get out on her own. Luckily her magic Christmas sack is in reach, full of yummy snacks and fizzy drinks to keep her occupy as she thinks of a way out of this..

Purchase to see what happens.

This file includes: 
Stuckage Roleplay | Soda Chugging | Pudding Eating | Burps | Double Belly Play | Panty Hose | Fat Chat

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4 hours ago, shield said:

Since there's soda chugging in this is there also burping? Burping + stuckage is one of my favorite combos!

Yes I'm so burpy that I start to belch in the beginning as I prep my chubby body to enter the chimney, before I even begin chugging xD  

Once I'm stuck and finish chugging, the burps start to roll out more frequently ❤️ 

Thank you for asking! I went back and edited the description to make sure it reflects this :) 


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