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Hang out with Savannah as she stuffs her face with pizza and bread sticks and chugs a coke. She tells you about how much she loves to eat and how happy it makes her! 

10 minutes video for only $3.99 

{video includes: stuffing, burps & belly play}

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Okay, so as I was enjoying this in open-mouthed astonishment, I began to wonder what the ingredients are of a great stuffing video (and this is a FANTASTIC stuffing video).

Stuffing/eating videos have got to be one of the most widespread categories on the site.  A fantastic eating vid can blow your mind, but a disappointing one can make you shrivel up inside and wonder what the point of existence is. 

In this video, @SavannahMontana gets EVERYTHING perfect.  Not for one second did I think of fast-forwarding - no, I wanted to watch and take in every single delicious second.

First off, Savannah's physical appearance.  She looks stunningly, magnificently, fabulously BEAUTIFUL.  Her body is a carnival of curves and fat!  And just LOOK how pretty her face is!  Gah, she's an absolute DOLL.  (Love her hair and makeup, too.)

Second, personality and attitude.  You've either got it, or you ain't - and she's got it by the bucketload.  Savannah's fat-chat is charismatic and ultra-sexy (and I hasten to add, she's not "trying" to be sexy - she just "is" sexy).  Best of all, is how excited and "into it" she is.  You can see the passion, desire, and energy radiating off her, as she does a sexy little seated-dance; or when she throws her head back in euphoric delight at her food; or when she straightforwardly says how much she loves to eat; or when she's taking big, savage, ripping bites of pizza.

Third is the "context" - which, imho, is so often what goes wrong in an eating video.   Once again, Savannah gets everything right.  The music playing in the background is so unobtrusive as to be inaudible.  The camera-angle is fantastic, showcasing her sexy belly, thick thighs, and adorable double-chin.  The image is nice and clear, and well-lit.

A perfect video from a perfect woman!  Highly recommended!!

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Savannah drowns in seemingly orgiastic pleasure as she rips into a BBQ chicken pizza 🍕. She dunks every slice into caloric ranch dressing and voraciously tears into it with her luscious lips like a starving wolf or something. Truly a sight to behold 📈. She bounces up and down in ecstatic pleasure on her creaking sofa, rippling her exposed belly fat and spouting expletives at how good the pizza is!

She downs a coke and releases some earth-shattering belches from her pizza-swollen gut 🤰 Savannah is clearly proud of herself and satisfied (though she may need more pizza 🐷)

Thank god for whoever created pizza lol

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As fat, sexy and jiggly as always! Best way to describe this video is that it works better and faster than viagra, such a hot fat goddess!

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I nearly melted into my chair when Savannah got some of that ranch at the corner of her mouth while she was housing that pizza! 🍕

Definitely a fun video to check out, don't miss this one! 

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Savannah you look so adorable in this video! You definitely need to come visit New York if you love pizza that much! You you fatter in every video and I love it! Everyone buy this video! You won’t regret it and it’ll help Savannah fund her pizza addiction. Imagine if she starts eating an entire pizza pie once a day everyday for a month straight? We can make that happen guys! Buy this video and help support this beautiful growing goddess keep getting fatter and fatter for us 😍

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