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Whole Turkey Slob Stuffing


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In This Video: Mega Stuffing • Messy Eating • Slob • Tight Clothes • Tight Chair • Chugging • Burping • Farting • Gassy • Belly Play • Thigh Play • Bouncing • Fat Chat • Fat Struggle • Multi Angle ~ 39 Minutes

Thank you for the Reviews and the Comments ❤️ The extended deal is now over! I will be messaging everyone who reviewed for their choice of free clip and sending the bonus photos to those who commented! Thank you for your patience 😘


WARNING: This video is EXTRA SLOBBY and includes very messy eating, chugging gravy, burping, farting and pushing far past my limits for the sexual thrill 😏



Every Thanksgiving I always fantasize about ditching the utensils lifting up the entire turkey and devouring it like a gluttonous SLOB 🤤

Last year I couldn't get my hands on a full sized turkey but this year...I got a WHOLE 14 POUND TURKEY all to MYSELF!

My goal here wasn't completion but rather to eat AS MUCH as I could possibly stomach in ONE SITTING until my gut was literally BURSTING at the seams!

I started by smothering the entire turkey in a THICK layer of gravy and then dove right in with only my hands...meat and juices getting all over me and my WAY too tight clothes 🙈


It wasn't long before I got completely lost in the food, grabbing the entire turkey and taking huge bites out of it like a GREEDY HOG! 🐖

Barely stopping for air I continued to devour the meat, shovel the mashed potatoes and chug the gravy until I felt TOO WIDE for my own chair...

As I got up to get a new chair the food just looked too good so I dove back in! This time standing up, my swollen gut spread out across the table...

As I eat, I bounce my over distended belly which is hanging MUCH lower than I EVER seen it hang before 😈

After sitting down in my new chair you can really see the effect all that food has had on my body...my belly is MASSIVE, sticking out like a round BEACH BALL packed with MEAT


I did some serious damage to the turkey but I know I'm not done just yet...I make sure to finish the entire bowl of mashed potatoes, chug the gravy and push myself to continue to eat the turkey until I hit my ABSOLUTE LIMIT!

At that point I could barely BREATHE or MOVE but I managed to roll myself to the ottoman so I could lean back and give my gut some space to digest the utterly GARGANTUAN meal I just ate..

Absolutely every inch of free space in my body was PACKED to the MAX with MEAT and you can really see it. Honestly I feel like this is the biggest my belly has EVER looked!

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"With a belly as fat as Mochii has, it must be difficult for her to become noticeably bloated."

"Actually, sir, it's super easy, barely inconvenience."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah, Mochii devours most of a 14-pound turkey."

"She devours a 14-pound turkey?"

"Yeah. With sides."

"Wowowow... wow."

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This was Amazing I'm hoping you have plans for the Christmas I have an idea Get one of those big cakes that you can find at the grocery store eat one  with a bottle of whipped cream? XD  Keep Growing Mochi every pound gained is making you ever so heavy and ever so horny It also makes us happy too doesn't it feel amazing being that big! ❤️ 

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Unbelievable stuffing and bloat! Your belly is so big and round, it’s amazing!! This clip is a ssbbw lovers dream come true! Thank you! PS: what’s for desert?

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Not sure what to put here! I'm new to this site (I made an account just for this) and dang! I was afraid mochii had gone off somewhere due to rumors I've heard elsewhere on the internet. Apparently I was wrong! This certainly defies all expectation ❤️ 

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