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You've been seeing your fat girlfriend for a couple of months, she's pretty hot but damn is she lazy. One day before bed she comes home to tell you some big news (pun intended). She's pregnant! All that breading and dumping your load in her finally knocked her up. Knowing her she's about to get even fatter. Getting knocked up is fatty like her's dream. Now she can have an "excuse" to sit on her ass all day and stuff her face. She'll use her pregnancy as an excuse for a massive gain, but you know better. It's her greed and laziness that is to blame.

You can see the laziness already taking effect. Her belly is slightly more pronounced and round than normal, the gain is already starting to show. She lets you know that she's going to be eating for more than one now, so she definitely will be having lots of cravings, which she expects you to fulfill. She also lets you know that she plans on being on bed rest for the next nine months because according to her that's what's best for the baby. But you think it might just be her laziness getting the best of her, she is convincing though. Having a fat girlfriend was hot, but having a big fat pregnant sow is another thing. Can you handle all her gluttony? You aren't quite sure, but damn is it going to be hot watching her balloon.

Clip features: roleplay, GFE, pregnant talk, bloated belly

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Woah, that was really hot 😍 The way she very gently plays with her belly (which really adds to the realism of the scenario) to simulate pregnancy, along with the wonderful acting and playfully innocent looks to the camera make this clip a total winner 😍😍😍 I hadn’t heard of Freya before, but now I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on her content!! 🥰🥰🥰

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