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Brooke has been on college break over Christmas + New Years... and has been home visiting family... they are shocked to see her weight gain and can't believe their eyes... 

In this clip, Brooke talks about her family's reactions to her weight gain. She talks about their comments and ideas for how Brooke should lose weight. Brooke laughs it off, they have absolutely no idea that Brooke is loving her new curves, fat rolls and stretch marks. Brooke talks to you about how she has been secretly stuffing herself in her room and in the car, so her family don't see the amount of food she devours on a daily basis. 

Brooke shows off her fat body from lots of different angles + plus Brooke also talks about her visit to her family doctor and his shock at her weight on the scales. 

Brooke tries to button her tight denim shorts back up but her big belly gets in the way and she's unable to fasten them.. Watch as Brooke struggles with an old size 6 mini skirt that used to fit her... But now her thunder thighs and big ass are getting in the way... Brooke starts to wonder she is going to grow next.. 

Brooke then stuffs herself silly with her new favourite naughty treat - creamy chocolate mousse in a can for you all to watch. Brooke finishes the calorie loaded cream canister of chocolate mousse. There are up close shots of Brooke eating the cream. The clip ends with Brooke twerking her huge ass on her couch - just to show you how BIG she is getting (The couch won't stop squeaking under the load of fat its holding up)! 

Lots of weight gain talk + belly grabs and jiggles + and boobs exploding out of Brooke's way too small bikini. 

If you enjoy this comment and review! My favourite comment/review will get my next video free! I would love to hear what you think and the encouragement always make me want to get even fatter! 💗

B xx 

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Great to have you back!

Easily one of the best models on this site and another great video.

With your family restricting your usually diet, you’ll most likely get fatter than ever once you get back to your usual bingeing at home. Then your stretch marks will really start covering your belly like you’ve always wanted, and you’ll be too far gone to ever get back in shape.

keep it up!

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This has to be my favorite work Brooke has done so far!  This video has everything, she goes into great detail describing her family reactions and her doctor story really gives you a great idea of the kind of progress Brooke has made in her journey.  She also enjoys some of her newest snacks and shows you how some of her shorts are fitting.  Keep being a good girl and sneaking those snacks please, can't wait to see what you bring us next!

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Love the video 


may I make a request of an other boob related vid as your bursting out of that sexy bikini 


like you did for b-f but b-g 

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The video begins with Brooke trying (and failing) to put on a pair of shorts from when she wasn't quite so obese. She talks about how her family has tried suggesting losing weight and has even tried to put her on a diet but of course she's been sneaking food whenever she can. It's obvious to anyone who even looks at a screenshot that Brooke has absolutely ballooned. No where is this more obvious than her huge boobs, which are inexplicably restrained by a tiny bikini top. What's even better is it's clear that Brooke is not only enjoying her weight gain, but likes her body's development specifically. My favorite part was hearing her say "I hope all of this goes to my boobies" before filling herself with whipped chocolate fudge. As if you didn't have big enough boobs already, Brooke! There are girls that would die to have half of her chest and here she is doing everything she can to grow them even bigger.

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