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A fun, campy bimboification stuffing role play video for all fat bimbo fans! Ginger is a very serious student with a looming deadline on a paper, she sits down to focus on her work (with some snacks of course). But it's so hard to focus when you're hungry! Surely it couldn't hurt to munch on a little something, Ginger pulls out some baked goods from a brand she's never had before, they're called "Bimbo" (which of course she doesn't think twice about). She pops a delicious muffin in her mouth and eagerly chews, demolishing it in no time and returning to her work...but her tummy is still rumbling in protest, so she pops another muffin in; but this time when she finishes, her eyes hurt, it's like her glasses all of a sudden stopped working, so weird! When Gin tries to go back to her paper, it's like reading gibberish, did she even write this? But she can't focus for long because she's just so HUNGRY! She goes to greedily shove another muffin in her mouth but before she can, she's hit with a massive headache, it must be from having her hair pulled back, duh! She takes it down but she's still so uncomfortable, maybe if she strips down to her undies it would be better, and then she can FINALLY get back to her paper! Once she's down to just a bra and panties, Ginger goes to finish her work but...what was she even doing?? If she can't remember, it must not have been very important, why worry about it? It's so much easier to just lay back and eat, so she just gives in, groping her belly and moaning pleasurably into her snacks, pigs don't need to think about anything other than food anyways! ~ Includes: bimboification role play, transformation role play, face stuffing/belly stuffing, burps, stripping, belly play/jiggling

bimbo stuffing transformation 1.gif

bimbo stuffing transformation 2.gif

bimbo stuffing transformation 3.gif

bimbo stuffing transformation 4.gif

bimbo stuffing transformation 5.gif

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