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The long awaited second round of GGGF's Snack Time Q&A is finally here! In this HOUR long clip, GGGF sits down to enjoy a snack consisting of pizza and fries with a ton of mayo while she answers tons of questions from YOU! If you recently asked any questions, it very well may be covered in this clip. And if not, you will still definitely learn a LOT about your favorite goth fatty in this clip! If you are interested in learning more about GGGF (general life, interests, gaining experience, move to Germany etc.) then this is not one to miss! So get yourself a snack and sit down with GGGF as she stuffs fattening food into her greedy mouth and has an intimate chat with you! 🍿

🖤 If you enjoy the video, please leave me a review! They help me out a ton, and I absolutely love hearing your thoughts and feedback. Thank you SO much for all of your support! 🖤

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I loved all the in depth answers to our questions. If you are at all interested in GGGF you should check this video out. She's so lovely and has such a mesmerizing voice. I loved learning more about this voluptuous goddess. Not to mention, It seems like she is just inhaling food and she dipped pizza in mayonnaise which must be the fattest thing I have ever seen. 🥵

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Hey GGF, I’m gonna answer your question about what I like in a video and how often I buy videos. You seem down to earth so I feel like you’ll read this. I’m going to be speaking about what I like in a video in general. Tbh I have 3 or 4 of you videos but I like getting videos from a variety of models, so I don’t know your content video by video. Like you, I am very attracted to before and after content, but I still want to see your body in a now video if you show pics. I’ve seen models just post pic sets which frankly doesn’t interest me. I love belly play and moving the camera around a lot. I really wanna see how fat a girl is at every angle, front, 45 degree, back roll, ass, thighs. I love stuffing videos and I think it’s hot to show your belly throughout the video, not a shirt draped over the top fat roll but fully taken off. Also I love the idea of stuffing with tight pants on but still no shirt. Just be careful of your circulation, a video isn’t worth injury. I think what I’m most attracted to is binge eating videos. I want to think that you are constantly eating way beyond your limit, like super messy, getting in there without any fucks given. I don’t know how u feel about doing that, that is your choice I’m just telling you what turns me on. Like I wanna see you with a table of food, just demolishing the whole thing. I also get turned on by a girl that’s super lazy in a vid. Like show full you are and just lay around after, maybe massaging your belly. I’ve always thought you were very attractive, your husband is a lucky man, and you are a lucky woman. If I were gay or bi I would also be attracted to him.

Response from the author:

Thank you for the in-depth review and feedback! I really appreciate you taking the time to give suggestions and let me know what you like and don’t like to see. It helps me out a lot! Thanks for your support and I’ll keep these suggestions in mind! ☺️

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If you are interested in another in depth interview Q&A video this is for you. Personally I enjoy how honest @GainingGothGF is in her videos. 

I have been slowly working through watching this Q&A video whenever I get a chance. I feel so bad that I bought this back on October 11th but have not had an opportunity to really start watching the video till October 21-22 due to the fact I work two jobs. It took longer to download than I expected. 

Thanks for answering the questions I have asked. I was really interested in hearing how Germany vs America is different. I was born in West Germany but I was only only there for a few months before I moved away when my Dad was in the Air Force. I don't remember Germany at all and only know what I know from my parents stories, films, History books. Most of the questions I asked came toward the second half of the video. I also know German roads are different from American rules on driving. I also know it is difficult to get a drivers licence in Germany because my parents told me there was only 2 times you have a opportunity to earn a drivers license. I was not aware Germans make bizzare interpretations of American things like bad interpretations of American food. 

I liked how you talk and show off your fat in this video and hearing how you are liking it. Personally I did not realize how much you gained as a number wise till you said it in this video. I liked how you explained you enjoy seeing comparison before and after photos in this video. It is great hearing that perspective from a female perspective. It was also interesting hearing how you have been surprised by how quickly you have been gaining. I really enjoyed hearing you discuss in such a honest but satisfying way what you enjoy about getting fat and how it feels. 

I am also a mountains person over a beach person. I prefer colder weather and seeing the animals you see in a forest. 

I was not familiar with any of the music you referenced. I mostly listen to soundtrack scores by composers like John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, James Newton Howard, John Powell, James Horner, Alan Silvestri, Trevor Rabin, Michael Giacchino, John Debney, Danny Elfman. I may have to rewatch the video again and look it up whenever I get a chance. If I listen to any you referenced in this video I will let you know. 

I would love to see you go visit castles in Germany. In the united States the big castles are artificial ones like at Disney parks or Hogwarts at Universal Studios. I know very little about the castles in Germany but know there are many in Germany since Germany used to made up of many states before Napoleon started to unite the states. The big castle I am familiar with is Nueschwanstein because it was seen in the George Clooney and Matt Damon film Monuments Men. I know Hermann Göring stored many stollen pieces of artwork at Nueschwanstein. I remember But the other castles in Germany I am not familiar with. 

I actually was not aware that Zaftig in German meant juicy. I know it from looking up Fat and plump on Dictionary.com and the terms Zaftig, Zoftig, embonpoint all were terms that popped up as synonyms. I am glad you added that. I learned that Zoftig and Zoftig were German when looking up in the dictionary.com where the country of origin was for the term. 

It was a pleasure hearing you voice, seeing your smile and seeing how you do your eye make-up and hair. 

I am glad at the end you addressed your artwork because that was one question I had as well. I would love to see more of your artwork. I would also like to know how to get into the art industry. 

I hope to hear more in the future how both your family and husbands family react to gaining as time goes by. 

I thought it was interesting how you got into feederism as a late teen before gaining on purpose. 

I was curious while living in Germany is there any music that stands out to you that is song in Germany? I don't hear too much Germany music besides heavy metal music and Military marching music. 

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GGGF’s 2nd Q&A vid does not disappoint there are plenty of in depth answers while she stuffs down a pizza and fries covered in mayo the largest tube of it I have ever seen 😂. Good to know there are going to be many more of your rp vids and stuffings to come, I love your weight gain journey so far the difference between this and the 1st Q&A are 🤯 wow that 2nd pic of you grabbing your fat roll for this set is so 🥵. The time zip’s past so quickly this almost 1 hour vid feels like 15 minutes by the end. I feel that by the next Q&A it will have to be a buffet you will be eating 😍 I was worried for the fries in the bowl balanced on your thigh it definitely wobbled around a lot during the vid 🤣. I don’t want to say to much more here, check this 5  vid out for yourself.

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