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How did Fluph become so fat so quickly?  She was cursed

Fluph used to be skinny and tone, she could eat whatever she wanted and wouldn't gain a pound

She unfortunately though was a complete brat about it.  Constantly teasing other girls for their protruding belly's and joking about how she'd just die if she ever became fat.

Her fatphobic behavior would soon catch up to her though...

One day while out shopping at a small boutique she sees a sales clerk restocking products in a small corner.  Fluph instantly starts making comments out loud about her weight

     "Any bigger and she'll get stuck in that tiny corner, at least it looks tiny with her over there"

     "Hope that big belly doesn't knock over any expensive items, it looks like most of her paycheck goes to her grocery tab"

The clerk hearing all these comments about her calmly continues restocking and pays no attention to her.  

What Fluph doesn't know is that this clerk is also a witch who doesn't take kindly to people who make fun of her weight.  Instead of making a verbal scene, she gets her revenge by cursing the items people who've made fun of her buy.

Fluph finishes up her shopping around the boutique and goes to the checkout counter.

The witch rings up her items; A couple cards, a scarf and a silicone straw 

The witch seeing the straw hatches up the perfect curse and hexes the straw

Later that night Fluph decides to have a drink and use her new straw.  As soon as she picks it up Fluph instantly goes into a trance, the straw begins to grow turning into a long tube.  A large pitcher appears on the counter next to her and the end of the tube goes into the pitcher.  

Still in a trance Fluph picks up the other end of the tube and puts it into her belly button

A magical, thick liquid start pouring into Fluphs stomach.  She can feel herself growing, skin stretching, her once thin body now filling up with heavy fat.  

The trance wears off and she quickly removes the tube. Her flat stomach now a thick belly hanging over her pants. 

Shock and horrified, Fluph grabs her fat belly in disbelief.  Her skinny body was forever ruined

 The shocked feeling begins the wear off as she continues to jiggle and playing with her new fat, in fact she feels waves of pleasure go through her as she realizes how good all this weight feels.  

She can't get enough of how good all this fat feels on her and wants more.  She puts the tube back in her now deep, wide belly button and the magic liquid starts pouring into her again.  This time she lets it keep going and going till she overflows onto the counter.


This video doesn't contain any voice over of this story in the video, i actually came up with the cursed straw idea AFTER i edited it lol 
The story is just supposed to enhance the visuals.

*No Talking, Background music



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Amazing video with a beautiful angle of your soft belly. It's very difficult to resist and i really want to put my finger in your belly button when you inflate your belly for feeling how he is deep🥰

Response from the author:

Thank you so much for your review! I'm really glad you enjoyed the video 🥰

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