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I've ruined my perfect, athletic, toned and perky body, but yet I can't stop gaining no matter how hard I try! I even have before photos of my skinnier self as evidence of how much I let myself go! Enjoy this fat chat where I lament about my long gone tiny bod!


Watch as my smaller self haunts the screen with never before seen pics of a skinnier Rosie Marie Feedee as I talk about the changes in my body and how I've destroyed the perfect girl I once was. Everything from my long legs, to my once flat belly, and my health/appearance!


Disclaimer - I love my body and my gain very much, this is all just for fun and roleplay ;) Happy Fapping!

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  Rose has fattened up in dramatic fashion. Her ass and thighs are starting to get so nice and big. Her pretty face is getting nice and full. As the fattening process continues she is starting to get width and thickness  .  As you imagine being with her now you know her weight is  getting substantial.Girl has become obsessed with growing fatter and I can’t get enough.

in this clip Rose reveals how thin she once was . She talks about  how her once skinny body is ruined with mounds of  luscious fat . Ofcouse she is just teasing us . She  loves the gain . She knows we love it .Her growing body has turned her into a plump beauty that rocks our worlds .This clip shows still pics of her thin self in the background as she plays with her lovely fattened belly and talks about her gain.  Great work as always . Highly recommend .

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Finally pulled the trigger and got one of Rosie's vids, which almost instantly persuaded me to get two more, which are downloading now as I write this review . . . 

Rosie spends most of this clip complaining in her cute voice about how fat she's gotten, sobbing about how she can never again be the trim, toned stick figure which continually appears on the left hand side of the screen to provide a point of reference for her lamentation.  All throughout her whining, she's playing with the doughy belly and enormously thick thighs her new lifestyle of laziness and indulgence has produced.  Fortunately, as she reveals at the end (and her disclaimer also states), she's not in any distress at all about her new body.  Quite the opposite, in fact. 😉

Video quality and acting talent are both superb in this fun, hot clip as well!

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Rosie showcases her acting talent by playing the hardest possible role for her; a girl who isn't happy about becoming a beautiful fatty! Naturally she smashes it, with wonderful lines delivered very seductively. No eating, this is all sexy fat chat and body exploration.

In addition, Rosie looks fatter than ever here. It's near impossible to see her underwear between her bulging belly overhang and her broad, flabby thighs. She liggles delightfully as she longs for her once stick-thin figure, the photos of which make quite a contrast with the pig she is now!

This video is a real winner if you enjoy fat chat from a girl (pretending!) not to be into it. Wonderful performance!


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