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This video has me at my most lazy & gluttonous, laying back & stuffing myself absolutely FULL of snacks in retaliation to being forced not to eat during the day. I eat until I can barely move at the end, playing with my belly, jiggling it, rubbing it, plopping it & moaning with every bite or movement. I even get super bloated/gassy… I accidentally fart (just once, but how embarrassing!!! 😳) & burp too! This diet fail is where a bratty fatty eats too much & regrets it! 

~~~~Full Story~~~~

My brother has been forcing me to diet! Calorie restricting me, making me take in like 1700 calories instead of my normal 2500 or more. I’ve been starving all day, it’s finally time for bed! Which means… snacks!

I snuck to the kitchen & put a Rice Krispie treat, two gummies packs & a 6 pack of peanut butter crackers in my little cow shorts on my belly & retreated to my room eagerly to eat!

As soon as I get there, I splay the spoils I’ve won on my belly excitedly & start eating. Gummies first, decimating them. Some of my favorites, I love the way they feel when they slide down my throat. I accidentally drop them on the floor & without a second thought I continue eating. Such a greedy, fat thing to do!

I eat ALL the snacks, really struggling towards the end. Whining & breathing heavy, moaning. I’m in a sugar coma practically! I feel like I’ll fall asleep any moment… My belly is soooo full, impossibly bloated & round. The only thing I can do is rub it & jiggle it to help feel better. I ate too much!! All this retaliation is coming back to haunt me….

I accidentally fart in the video just from bending over being so bloated & full, I didn’t even realize until I was editing it & I burp too! I’ve never done that in a video before, so I’m super shy about it! Be gentle with me about that…


**This video may not seem like much to you but I usually snack off & on all day, not all at once like this! This was a LOT for me to eat! I can’t wait until I have a feeder or just more people in my forum & messages to help encourage me to eat a little more at a time…**

>>PLEASE react, review, & give any ideas you’d like to see in videos! — How, you ask? Reply to statuses, use my forum & even just message me! I love talking to people, truly love making connections with my community of customers & knowing what y’all like the most!<<


……Comes with a photoset with 27 pics! Thanks so much if you get it, I am a college student who appreciates every single sale! 



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Its so sexy seeing someone get so turned on once they are full, and my god afterward you looked like you just had the best sex session of your life! Also your accidental fart was pretty fucking hot, not gonna lie 😍🥵

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Is snack smuggling a fetish? Cause I think I have it after watching Honey pull snacks from her tight shorts. Honey gives a great performance being an adorable bratty fatty made all the sexier by her beautiful belly bulging over her shorts. All the moaning, burping, pouting, and even the cute fart come together to bring an incredibly hot fantasy come to life. Hell just the vid alone is worth the price but Honey also included a bunch of hot pics as well! Legit can’t wait for the next stuffing vid and hope to see more bloated gassy content too. 😁

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oh wow this is the 1st video I've bought from honey and I can definitely say it won't be the last. she is one gorgeous woman and omg what a body. looking forward to see her eat a lot more and for plenty more farts and burps emanating from that fucking fantastic belly she has. she's definitely got a talent for both.

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Another AMAZING video!  Our beautiful Belly Goddess greedily shoves late night snacks into her bottomless pit with her out-of-this-world belly on full display!

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