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Kristina is HUNGRY, she is grazing on all fours stuffing her face with fried rice, Kristina shows off how much her belly hangs, she shows & talks to you how big she’s getting and talking about how breedable she is. At a point Kristina is stuffing her face complaining about being exhausted from holding her heavy body up, she’s becoming out of breath! 
16 minutes long!


In this video Kristina is burping, showing MULTI ANGLES OF HER STUFFING her big body, shaking her fat, twerking her fat ass, some extra naughty fat chat, talks about how exhausted she is from being on all fours, bounces on the bed showing off how jiggly she’s becoming, belly gripping and smacking, and so much more. 
being on all fours made me feel extra naughty and submissive.

 Kristina is SO irresistible in this video & I hope you guys enjoy ❤️❤️🐮 

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So Cute! You just keep getter more sexy all the time. Pretty soon you are going to have to explain to your friends  "Look, I'm not trying to steal your man. I can't help it if he keeps staring at me. Don'y worry about it, all the guys do. I'm used to it now. Besides, he only likes watching me because I packed on all this bouncy fat. [jiggle jiggle, pat pat pat] He likes you for you and that's what counts." 

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