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Its Friday, you've gotten ready for work and just when you're about to leave you decide to check up on Kitty to see if she will be leaving for work soon too ...

... she's done her makeup but she doesn't look like she's ready for work ... instead she's sitting on the bed eyeing up breakfast!

You confront her as she explains that she's decided to have a lazy day instead. But this is the 5th day in a row! She's not been to work all week!

You decide to let her off, seeing as its already Friday but you insist she must return on Monday - then you leave to go to work ...

What she gets up to when you leave? Well, you'll have to watch the video to find out. But what I CAN tell you is that all these lazy days are certainly taking effect. Your Kitty is looking softer, rounder, fatter and seems to be getting greedier ... 


Originally $14.99

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Whenever there is a new KP video release - there is always an expectation of excitement and anticipation at every level in the air....😍 And this video does not disappoint. 

KP is looking every bit a 400lb gorgeous gaining hot young woman, who is in this video staying at home to gorge on breakfast - Kitty's latest gains to her upper body are very noticeable with a gorgeous chest line and powerful full upper arms and developing elbow dimples that are a huge turn on. Of course there is plenty of views of KPs bulging belly and massive gut shelf as she piles one after the other of her breakfast pastries down that she has sneaked in behind her feeders back into her massive frame.

I cannot believe that bed has remained in one piece to date knowing that KPs growing mass is stressing it more and more every day.....

This video is another example of a well thought through exciting stuffing themed epic - and shows Kitty taking down one after another fattening pastry before she needs a huge sugar rush and goes for the sweet pastries one by one. There is not a moment that goes by where Kitty does not have her gorgeous face full of food from one handed to full two handed stuffing. Love the gentle rocking back and forth of KPs upper body as her vast belly fat gently jiggles and quibbles in all its sexiness.

We also get great views of KPs gorgeously curvy hips and thighs and generous butt.... oh my they are developing sensationally in this video...😍

Also love the gentle moaning as Kitty consumes a mass of calories that are going to increase her waistline and hips to extra sexsational proportions and do we learn of a new weight goal here........ I think we do....😍😋

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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

Loved this video you are looking fatter then ever watching you indulge in your insatiable appetite is so damn sexy😍

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I loved this video! Once again Kitty almost has a continual organism with food and her own growing belly. Wonderful moments of rising up to remove shorts that are too tight on a big fluffy body, giving us a brief glimpse of some gorgeous and generously dimpled fat thighs, chubby legs, plumped out love handles and that huge ass!

Don’t miss this invitation for breakfast with Kitty!

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