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**This is Part 2** Brooke's First Measurements and Weigh In' contains the second half of this clip and includes after stuffing belly play, measurements and weigh in.**

Note: I changed into bra and panties to show my belly better in the measurements. Plus it looks so jiggly now. This video was filmed after my Brownie stuffing and I am about to POP!

Cheeky Burps Included hehe 

What do you all think of my new weight? If you love my fat and weight gain - leave a review. My favourite review will get my next video free 💗😈

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Belly, boobs, butt and thighs oh my!! Nice starting measurements. Nice to see you huge arse is closer to the milestone of being 50" or bigger, and I have no doubt it will surpass that very soon and become even more of a full moon ripping bottoms to shreds ;)

Loved the boob slap at the end and also seeing your face for a bit. You really are beautiful and love your brown hair and I can even see you have a double chin forming 🐷. All that cream and cakes and other sweets are working wonders for your already soft figure. Can't wait to see your after holidays measurements/weight hopefully squeezing into this same outfit, if your ballooning bum and boobs will allow you to 🐷😁

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You're looking so chubby and cute in this video Brooke!

I love how much further your belly is starting to poke out now- it's already sitting nicely on your thighs when you're sitting down, which definitely wasn't the case before. I think it's really just a matter of time until it's starting to droop even when you're standing up, I can already see the little crease below your belly starting to form. By the 100 kilo mark I'm pretty sure this will be a reality for you, I think it's going to look so cute!

It's always a pleasure to watch you eating and showing off your soft, growing body, I hope you're enjoying the process as much (or even more) than we are 😊

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Its honestly incredible how much you have blown up in such a short while! the stretch marks on your growing belly and thighs are a perfect example of how much of a greeedy girl you are ;) congrats on making your goal and to many more you'll pass along your journey!

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Very nicely done, Brooke! Can't believe how much that brownie made you weigh at the end, haha! Anyway, keep it up :) 

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