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    *COMMISSIONED VIDEO* I've had a rough week! I've been working 95 hours on average, not counting my modeling work... I've been overstressing my body and depriving it of yummy, fattening food so much that I've lost FOUR POUNDS! This is completely unacceptable... so on my lunch break, I stopped at the store and grabbed all my favorite fattening sweets. I came home and filled up a casserole dish with TWO ENTIRE bags of snack size candy, a whole box of cookies, a family size bag of chips,  and a

    Video Clips - Stuffing/Eating

    Stuffed in Pantyhose Selfie Set

    45 sexy selfies featuring my super bloated belly and a pair of pantyhose that squeeze my huge thighs just perfectly! All for an EXTRA SPECIAL PRICE as a way to thank everyone in the Curvage community for their support!

    Photos - Curvy BBW

    First Public Stuffing in a very famous Fast Food Restaurant

    Today I reaffirm myself as a Glutton Princess. After the Easter lunch (extremely generous: my family is Italian!) I was still hungry so I asked my boyfriend to accompany me to the fast food restaurant closest to my house. I could feel the curious glances of the cashiers on me: it's very unusual for someone to eat in a fast food restaurant on a day like this! I ordered a menu with a giant bacon sandwich, my absolute favorite! Watch me greedily devour my sandwich and my fries soaked in barbeque sa

    Luna Hellborn
    Luna Hellborn
    Video Clips - Stuffing/Eating 1

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  1. $5.50

    Fat Babygirl

    One of my favorite nocturnal rituals is to take a shower, put on my little nightgown (which almost does not even cover my huge butt) and warm up some milk in my pink bottle. I thought it would be great to share this moment! I feel particularly adorable with two little ponytails, my bottle of milk and my pink pajamas. I enjoy like a baby filling myself with milk just before I go to sleep, so I feel my stomach swollen and warm to rest even better. Besides, I feel particularly adorable, showing me that I'm vague and gluttonous!
    I thought you would like to see my weight gain process and keep in track on my increasingly larger curves. 
    XOXO, Amanda 

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  2. $3.00

    Big things come with BBW Jayde SensualPlus

    This is me in all my glory...big, beautiful and bold. You like them big? Well I won’t disappoint xx Everything I have is extra big for extra fun and I’d love to have you horny over me.
    I take all my own photos using my iPhone 8.
    No filters or photoshop applied. 

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  • File Reviews

      Loved the clip once again, your appetite is always adorable 

      Happy Easter shar hope you eat lots of chocolate today. I can’t remember if you have done a mentos chugging before, but I really enjoyed this one. I like the shorts you are just about wearing they can barely contain your obese belly 🐷. I hope you pop them at some point maybe that could be a future vid. Great burps as normal shar.






      Nice video that you wanted to share with us!
      Multitasking while driving and finally relax on the couch to finish your meal.

      Absolutely astounding and you deserve more than the five stars I can give you! 

      Happy 200 lbs Princess Blurmy.  Loved the liberating music and the way you ate without hands.

      Savoring every bite and practically a contortionist to eat while turning just amazes me.


      I applaud her stamina and constant changes to eat as energetically as possible.

      Her cute pink hair and necklace would be the icing to this video if it were a cake.

      The even distribution to eat the cake in layers as she keeps going to eat is quite an interesting strategy.  The licks are the most seductive parts.

      I overall loved the motions and found new curves on the sides and front to adore about Princess from these motions, which remind me of an ab roller machine.


      Polishing off the last parts with a cute shimmy and the look in her lovely eyes to keep going is so fulfilling.  


      As Princess finishes even the bits of cake that fall onto her lap, she gives 100% and my eyes were thus glued the entire time. 

      To then hear Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, just like in Peggle just when you're about to win was quite an epic experience.  I feel the excitement and hope this review can be treated as an Ode to Joy as well.    I'm so proud of this Princess and her lovely eyelashes.



      Kyra Kane looks suuuuuuuuuuper cute here. She’s wearing a Snow White outift, which consists of a sexy little corset and an insubstantial little tutu. She’s got a big bow in her hair – which I found unaccountably sexy. (I think I like big bows and flowers in a woman’s hair. Like with many things about life, I have no idea why.) This is one of those spycam sort of eating videos where the set-up is that we’re watching her without her knowing, so there’s not really any chat from Kyra or the sexy bragging that she’s known for with her other eating videos. You might consider this is a drawback, but I consider it a chance to luxuriate in the sight of this stunningly beautiful woman just eating and eating and eating.

      After a few minutes, Kyra (or should that be Snow White?) has to unclip the lower part of the corset to give her expanding tummy some more room. As she continues to eat, my eyes lingered over her lovely rounded shoulders and chubby arms. Glorious. Later, the corset comes off and Kyra switches to a very sexy and very tiny bra-sort of thing. The camera angle means we get a really good look at how perky, full, and huge her amazing breasts are. This is curvy eye candy at its very finest.

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