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  2. Your facial expressions always turn me on so much! It's like you too are so in shock with how gluttonous and insatiable a fat blob pig you are! Went from such a tiny pretty little fit lady to this rotund bloated hog who can never control herself around food and cock! The perfect food slut! 😈
  3. I'm feeling super hot and cute today and wanted to share! I love this lingerie 🤍🦋🥰

    Have a lovely day and if you have ideas/requests for my new videos send me a message!


    1. ExponentialGrowth


      You're looking fine as hell Wendy, but wow you are getting big!

  4. Good morning! Just getting up and wanted to say hi :) whawhat are you guys up to today??? It's Hump Dayyyyyy! 💋🤟


  5. do you like my leather pants, daddy? 🖤



  6. BBW_Summer gained over 200 pounds of glorious fat!

    24 HOUR INTRO SALE!! 18+ minutes for $8.99 before going up to $12.99

    Conceited influencer Nikki Maialina has decided to do a live stream try on featuring 3 new outfits. Nikki is known for her flat stomach, perky breasts, and tight round booty. Well...she was anyway. All this time in quarantine has left Nikki packing on the pounds. Her belly is far from flat, her breasts are easily 2 cup sizes bigger, and her ass has become massive and flabby. The most embarrassing part is that Nikki is either completely oblivious about her weight or in a deep state of denial. She's about to try on her old size live in front of all her fans!


    Savannah has been packing on the pounds because she just can't control herself anymore. All the new clothes she bought don't fit her. Eventually, she is able to squeeze into a super tight leopard print dress which will make your soul leave your body. @SavannahMontana I think you should do a stuffing video in that dress (if you can even get it around your belly anymore) so we can watch it explode in real time. Bonus weigh-in at the end puts the cherry on top. Awesome video
  8. My belly just keeps getting fatter and fatter and fatter! 🐷


  9. Good morning. I swear my butt gets bigger every day. 😏 Happy Wednesday! 




    1. ExponentialGrowth


      It should be a goal of yours, more butt everyday :lol:

    2. ChubbyCapricorn


      Oh it is😏☺️

  10. Then, after she got married, last few years really aged and gained quite a bit of weight, although, I think she has been trying to lose it. Also, became quite bitter and nasty in recent years too - very much a show off, which is not great at the best of times, but especially not during a global pandemic, going on about her big house, sports cars and holidays.
  11. I’ve been reading your belly and ass for a couple years now; it was only a matter of time! <<Insert a comment about your stretch marks and reading between the lines>>
  12. A nice curvy mature - in her prime was stunning. A real UK TV MILF, and loved to flirt with the men, look at herself in the monitor and show off her big bust. Apparently, she was a naughty girl too - quite a few affair rumours.
  13. greggsgainer

    Nigella Lawson

    Great content. Used to love Nigella and sure miss her wide hips and big bust...coke likely to have something to do with it. Although, a slightly dark part of me always suspected Gillian McKeith has something to do with it. They are similar ages, and there was a very damming newspaper article comparing them around a decade ago - saying how one, Gillian, was health conscious, and Nigella, ate lots of 'bad' food and was curvier - obviously Nigella looked stunning compared to Gillian, and Gillian was very much laughed at, and her carer went down the drain. Gillian often commented how out of order the article was, and was very harsh on Nigella - since then - Nigella has had a lot of issues and has now lost her curves - wonder if Gillian was sneaking in and getting her hooked on coke - ha, all a dark fantasy to share ;o)
  14. I just love how skintight Doudrop's gear looks here, I'm convinced that this is the fattest that she's ever been. ❤️
  15. @ssayllebhello my dear I'm really pleased that you like this journey and I'm so happy to share it with us. For now i haven't got many comments about my gain ... But it can come soon. Because I've planed to gain more 🐷😘
  16. My new video, eating all day at the office. Help me become the fattest feedee in Colombia.


  17. good morning everyone!


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  19. NEW!CHUBBY MAID GETS FATTENED (Roleplay + Feeding) As promised, I'll be at least sharing videos I already had pre-recording (before the doxxing incident) with you all as I figure out what's next for me. So here's a sexy maid roleplay and feeding clip for you. Your support is appreciated now more than ever. Thank you! 🖤

    1.thumb.gif.2738bfa9107ebdc6af038f8e481ccf1d.gif   46   5.54 MB55175604_WhatsAppImage2022-01-15at23_26_31.thumb.jpeg.78ef45190ce4cb94e306a0ac705635f0.jpeg   38   293.84 kB


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