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  2. MY ASS SAT ON TOP OF THE CHAIR! This was such a turn on... I went to a bar with an ex and it was pretty packed. The only seats available were those little wooden narrow chairs with the arms going around then slightly in. I thought about the size of my ass, thighs and belly. I knew straight away that I wouldn't fit. I felt a rush of excitement as I walked over to the seat... What was going to happen? Will I manage to squeeze into the chair? Will people notice? Needless to say... not only did my ass not even fit a little bit... my ass actually sat on top of the chair. Hehe. 🙊🐷💦❤
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  4. Where can I post topless photos at on here? Without getting in trouble 😉?

  5. Look at the preview video and tell if she isnt the perfect girl one of her best video surely😍
  6. Look how fat she is☺️ She needs more support to get even fatter and softer i love her sloshy belly and her burps💕💕
  7. The first signs are already there. She looks like she has a personal hygiene problem, but she's Curvage material.
  8. I love to see all these fat stucked in the doors she is one of the best on this site🤤💕
  9. Jules is on a quest to get skinny and decides to start working out after she tries on her favourite pair of jeans, only to discover she has gotten way too fat to fit in it. She starts her workout with stretches before trying some squats, leg raises and jumping jacks. After a miserable workout fail she walks off claiming she is giving up and plops down on her bed to start her favourite activity, stuffing her face. Jules chugs a bottle of chocolate milk before scoffing down four cream filled chocolate covered eclairs, chicken nuggets, fried chicken and fries. After her binge she jiggles her but in an attempt to twerk and ends with belly rubs giving you a close-up revealing her pudgy belly and all of her stretch marks.


  10. I’m waiting for someone to leak her eating video on pornhub.
  11. Voila!!


  12. This belly won't grow alone by itself, here's the clip of the day! 😘





    Available Now!


  13. I'm new on Curvage and you already becoming one of my favs! I love your caramel skin, that sweet face and the heavy belly. I love your pictures and the lingerie you wearing in the "about me" section is stunning! Please continue your gain and let us be part of it ♥♥♥

  14. I'm glad she's feeling better after losing weight! She looked so much better before though!
  15. I'm a hungry girl! 

    Who wants to feed me? 


  16. She's so beautiful. I hope she doesn't get involved with feederism because clearly she's not interested. She looks great as-is!
    Phenomenal video! And I just wanted to say that I also absolutely love your hair in this video!
  17. You're definitely getting as fat as one! I'm sure they'd accept you as their own if you tried
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  19. Can I have an admin message me, please? 

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