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  2. I went on a movie date recently, and when I sat down a button on my dress just popped off! 😅 🐷 I also had to lift the armrest up so my thick hips could fit into those tiny seats. Maybe they didn’t notice? 😳

  3. I hope you like this stuffing photoset, I stuff and pose and play with my fat ass...in each shot there’s something sexy waiting for you 🐷🐷 enjoy !! 🥰


  4. I Claudius

    Kelly Brook

    Granny clothes and still shilling for Slimfast. Odd combo.
  5. Where exactly in the vid does she make this comment?? I really am not interested in sitting thru 30+ minutes of her Q&A, but am curious to hear response on this.
  6. Go Behind The Scenes with Walt Disney Studios during D23 Expo 2019 at Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California (08/24/19):
  7. this got 250+ views in four hours, damn. well, since you seem to like hwasa that much, here is a very revealing picture of her.
  8. Hey, how are you???… tomorrow  I have a new video for you and I’m exacting about it 🤰🏼🐽❤️


    1. Feeder96


      Tied again! 🐷😍

  9. ^ In the absence of future pregnancies I can’t wait for her to hit 40 so her metabolism starts to slow — anything to grow that incredible booty again!
  10. Jhall

    Lilli Luxe

    “this pic is from 2 years ago, I was a little trimmer”
  11. Today
  12. Just had meal, prepared a  package of pasta (200 gr) that said that contains 1199 calories (cooked), don't know if believe it or not, also not sure if was the amount of pasta they said because I still hungryyyyy. Also had a tiny slice of flan🎃 need more 💜







    1. DoctorTaco


      Girl if You keep on with this diet se are gonna be seen serious gains by the end of the year ;)

  13. My newest curvy girl... Her legs and butt are so big and soft.. Her underwear cuts in her big jiggly booty..
  14. 🐷




    1. regbill


      I'm loving the close up of your belly button. 

  15. None of my past ones ever knew nore did I ever tell them though. The only one i was able to ever actually tell is my then girlfriend now wife, she definitely liked it after I told her and has gotten more and more in to it as the years have gone by I gotta say. Not to mention it sure has helped her waistline grow which nether me or her are complaining about at all
  16. No this is recent but I will update. It seems to work fine on desktop or laptop. But I only get a single page of content in both gallery or favorites if I'm using my IPad. Until ten days ago everything worked fine no matter what device i was on.
  17. Stuck on this game like I stuck everywhere else. Thats life 💁🏽‍♀️




    1. S77


      Super Metroid???

    2. ms06zaku


      Love them shorts almost can't see them now 

    3. Thatfatguineapig


      @S77 yes!! Stuck like a mtf

  18. Pudgy_Pixie

    Kate Perry

    Unfortunately those gossip columnists cannot even comprehend that someone A) Enjoys there food B) has gained weight and enjoys it C) or has gained weight but not pregnant. God forbid someone just had a decent week of eating, seems Alien to these people. She looks fantastic in this last picture , more food in the green room in-between songs.
  19. Recent photo posts via Twitter. Cos-playing as "Zatanna Zatara" at Wizard World Chicago:
  20. dml123

    Kelly Brook

    God, has she started to wear her grand-mother's clothes?
    BigBunny is such a beauty, very hot vid, u will love it! 🥰
  21. 🐷







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    2. Harry gray

      Harry gray

      You look huge here, and I bet you only look bigger in person

    3. alexpizzaftw


      Hey shar I'm new to curvage I was wondering if you have snapchat if so how much?

    4. bobbysanch9


      Really a battle between you're tits and you're belly. Hope you're enjoying every bit of your weight gain 🐷

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