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  2. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't stuff myself to my limit!!!. I think it's time I suffocate and smother you with my fat growing body? What do you think?😏😘 new video coming soon my loves 💘 xo

  3. Guest18284


    when she is sucking in
  4. NEW!! 💜 You know you wanna gain, why don't you just do it? 😇


    You've been wanting this for some time. You think about it, dream about it, even get off to it. You want to be fat. But you can't seem to take the plunge. Enter temptress and very fat feeder Nikki. She tries to gently persuade you that it just feels so good to give in and it's what you've always wanted anyway. Beneath that sugary sweet exterior is an evil feeder determined to make you fat but Nikki hides it well...most of the time, anyway. It's time you do this, you know you're ready for it. 

    Loved this - this is Kate at her best as she makes short work of a whole cake, giving us lots of exciting fat chat mixed in with plenty of burps. She looks fantastic squeezed into her outgrown jeans and top and the sight of her belly flopping down as she releases it is awesome. Needless to say the gaining goal is very exciting to hear, she asks what we think of her next target and its a yes from me!
  5. That was a great update. It's amazing to go back through this thread and see how much you've grown over the past couple of years. You look so gorgeously plump now. 🤩

    Mutual Gaining

    You just got home from working away and your girlfriend Jane has noticeably gained a lot of weight, however so have you! You and Jane are about to experience gaining together 


  7. Txplussizebeauty


    Watch me grow and flaunt my curves and rolls.
  8. Wow, you're a lucky man! And your wife is a lucky woman.. it doesn't happen all the time to put on more than 80lbs and have your husband in love with every single pound! 😋 It's great to hear she is starting to accept your kink and even to play with it a bit.. Can I ask you what those side comments that she makes are? My experience is that when a woman is so accepting of her partner's taste, than she will find it much easier to relax and settle at her new weight.. or to let nature take its path and put on more as the years go. It would be great to see some more before/after if you had any!
  9. Going to have to start grabbing other people's plates when they're not looking
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  11. Here are some more of her, particularly love the last two pics
  12. Goodnight Curvage! 7gif.thumb.gif.2526b1645a45f2ab9d9f92948f8d33f8.gif


  13. Wide 🤯 Goodnight  😘


  14. A screenshot from my very first clip s


    A screenshot from my latest clip

    Suffice to say, I've grown quite a bit...



    1. Lardfiller


      so much more belly fat 😍

  15. Waking up fat video with a twist. So you wake up as you are and pretend you've gained, then act like you love the new weight and start stuffing yourself. Cut to two months later and you're wearing a load of padding that makes you look bigger. (You can make a realistic fat suit with blankets and pillows, mssg me if you want any help)
  16. This video is so extremely hot. Good lord I love being praised for my fat rolls. 😍


  17. WATCH MY NEW VIDEO! This time i decided to drink huge, almost 6000 calories gainer shake! 🐷🥵That was my record but... I want more Dont't miss it.

    This time i decided to drink huge, almost 6000 calories gainer shake! 🥵🐷That was my record but... I want more


    Dont't miss it.

    1. beamer777


      are you going to try to become the fattest girl in Poland? 🥵

  19. Yep, I suspect that belly is in for one giant family sized stuffing this weekend. In honor of this most American of holidays, make sure you include some American classics - burgers, pizzas, barbecue, fried chicken, lots of shakes and soda. ❤️
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