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  2. I’m sorry this happened to you. That whole subreddit is gross. You are so strong for fighting through this! We are here for you! 💜
  3. Well, I guess flirting is out of the question now, and not just because she's married. Apparently she used to be a dancer.
  4. Good morning all😘 a little pic for the day. 


    1. DrPepper1991


      Cute! I sent you a DM lovely 😊 

  5. Beauty checklist: Hair - check Makeup - check Paint toenails - check Healthy diet and exercise - oops!
  6. All natural Lesbian Queen🌈💋

    © Ms.Lezzbowlady

  7. Lesbian Queen🌈💋🌈

    © Ms.Lezzbowlady

  8. We probably won’t have to imagine for very long. She’s clearly gaining the weight back, so she could hit 240 again soon.
  9. Some inspiration for all girls loving to gain and stuff their pretty bellies. Which one is your favourite?





    1. drunkwa1fu


      those are so adorable!

  10. Damn i just binged through this entire threat. I absolutely love your progress and I really hope youll be keeping us updated on it and all the amazing comments from friends and family for a long time
  11. 7B03297C-44F5-402B-A849-2AC6EE02C3A1.thumb.gif.71f635266cba18e9a66acca938d34e2d.gif Come watch me get super bloated off of chocolate milk in my latest clip in the clip store now! 😉 


  12. Your are so cute 🥰🥰 !! Your curves fit you very well.
  13. What's better than 1 fat babe stuffing herself? 3 FAT BABES STUFFING THEMSELVES! In a gluttonous race to see who can finish their food the fastest.. ❤️ 

    Enjoy a long, casual conversation with GoldenGains as she eats holiday cookies and chats. She is so laid-back and chill. This is a longer video so settle in. Her lingerie is so sexy accentuating her growing belly and her massive boobs are constantly threatening to escape to freedom Seeing your face was the biggest treat though. GG is just so pretty, outright gorgeous, I hope we get to see more of her but now we can all imagine in our day-dreams at least
  14. Jonjo11

    Anna Williamson

    What she looks like now
  15. What she looked like 6 years ago
  16. Hi! Can a curvy friend show me the ropes?❤❤❤👄👅💋


    1. lallam



  17. Your going to want to watch this news special 


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