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  2. Good night 

    New video tomorrow 🤤🤤


    Come to me

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    Talk about a girl who's just as into gaining as anyone, my o my what a sexy video!! She makes it seem like your there and engaging with her.. Don't be surprised down the road she's doubled her weight. Worth every penny seeing this sexy growing goddess talk how she wants to grow bigger&fatter!👌🔥😍
    Chinky Jawn has gotten so much more comfortable in front of the camera, and on top of that the video itself is hot too
  3. Only what I can say is You look absolutely beautiful in this picture !!
  4. I know of "Fattening the Personal Trainer" and "Sculpting of Kate" but thats about all I know of. Thanks
  5. Today
  6. Omgggg I'm so excited to upload this!!


  7. I've happily got this whole thing planned out until its end now. I think I can finish it up by Christmas actually. I'm sure no one has ever said that before.
  8. I will be filming tomorrow. What new video should I film? Did you see my latest clip?


    Fantastic video. The way Jawn talks about her growing figure while squeezing and jiggling her fat really puts you in the moment and sells the fantasy of being there. Looking forward to more of her stellar content.
  9. She hasn't said anything, and I'm hoping she won't honestly. As much as I'd love for her to acknowledge she's put on some weight and to embrace it, I still fear the dreaded "I need to lose weight, I'm getting fat". We'll just see where it goes. I really wish she'd get into stretchy pants or leggings because then it would be a lot easier to deny weight gain if her pants still fit lol.
    Mary, I loved this video!! First of all, your face is so darn cute, and it's getting cuter with more weight (those chubby cheeks!). Your gut is becoming massive, so jiggly, and you're right... soon there will be no hiding the extent of your indulgence from your friends and family, they will be shocked to see that you are a real FAT girl now! And the way you get out of breath as you're hiking up those jeans... HOT AF... you've been so indulgent, gorging yourself on all those calories, you now wear them proudly on your body (85 lbs * 3500 = 300,000 calories!), and they weigh you down with their opulence. Keep eating and eating and gaining and gaining!!
  10. That time when you accidentally say "feedee" instead of "foodie" in front of a friend and sigh in relief when they don't notice.

  11. Last chance , purchase and leave a review on my newest video to get my stuffing video tomorrow FREE 


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