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  2. Fuck me. I just re read this. I am actually in a very dark place. Like wtf is this shit I am writing on the internet on a site like this lol. Feel so jaded and scarred tbh but at least I have Bellissima
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  4. I don't know what your parents told you when they gave you " the talk," but bambinos don't come from the Tooth Fairy, hun. Musta happened some other sorta way.😉
  5. I’m glad you remembered, you look stunning! Nice to have you back!
  6. Watch me force myself to stuff more into my growing belly while struggling, moaning and playing with all that juicy fat! What growing BIGGER looks like day to day...


  7. I would love your observation about me. I’ve been stuffing my self to the brim all weekend and continuing today. Who wishes they can touch my belly or be in my belly rn. Feel free to dm me as well I love 😍 roleplay
  8. https://www.instagram.com/reel/ClzXSvGDe6O/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY= some really great stuff from her recently
  9. Oh my goodness look who is has become a beautiful ball of sexiness. The pic on the right is 1000 time sexier. So are you loving being over 300 lbs?
  10. Welcome back! Congratulations on your marriage, your looking lovely as ever!
  11. 🚨FLASH SALE! 🚨 Today Only! Get this sexy rapid expansion (blueberry style) clip for just $5.99 before it goes back to $8.99 tomorrow! 


  12. Christmas as come early x






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      Video out yet

    2. Amy paige

      Amy paige

      No it will be tomorrow xx

  13. Here’s a sneak peek from my latest clip! My daddy is making me wear these shorts that are way too short and tight to bed lol! I am absolutely spilling out!


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  16. @jacknife can you morph her to be around 350-400 pounds?
  17. Last day for the flash sale

    LAST 10 clips are all only $4.99!! ❤️😍

    heres just a few of the clips available!


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