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Journey to 300+

Hi guys! I am so happy to be modeling on Curvage. You guys have blown me away with support over these past few days. I did make a video where I shared my detailed gaining story, but I did just want to write a post to introduce myself as well!

My name is Casey and I'm a 24 year old piggy. I have gained 100lbs in exactly 1 year and I plan to gain even more this year. I love growing, I love eating, and I love feeling my body get full and tight with yummy treats. I am fully investing myself in my gaining and cannot wait to share my gluttonous journey with you. Watch me blow up even more in no time!

I love stuffing, belly play, and am mildly submissive. I've recently started embracing my greedy side and letting myself act like a bit more of a pig. 


Can't wait to share more!




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Guest joezy2100


Your gain is spectacular so far! Can't wait to see you get to 300! And then maybe even more than 300?? Keep growing its so sexy!

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Guest Jman34


Dayum girl! 💯 

I’ll take that submissive all day! 😂😂

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