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My goal to 250

Goddess shar


Hello blog, it’s been a while ☺️🙆🏽 never did I imagine I would be sat here writing about my next goal in wanting to reach 250lbs. This is kinda crazy! Ok, so I’m not gonna get ahead of myself coz I still have like another 40lbs to go before I reach this but for the first time ever I am actually starting to think I CAN definitely do this! Like, In the past, I’ve always set myself realistic goals that I know I was able to reach.. this time round feels a little different tho..I’m starting to really enjoy it 🙈I’m actually loving getting fatter right now🙈
In the past, I always had that little worry of what others were gonna think of me, between me and you I think it kinda held me back and took some of the enjoyment outta it for me. I’ve stopped all that worrying now. I actually don’t even care what others think no more.

Right now, I’m feeling good in myself. I’d be lying if I told you I don’t have the the odd day where I feel mega tired or a lil drained. Im not really moaning about that tho ..I actually sometimes kinda like those days..it gives me an excuse to lounge around, be lazy and just pig out all day☺️🐷 

Vanilla flavour Gaining Shakes are becoming my number one obsession right now!!!OMG!!! I  can’t stop drinking them 🙈I’m starting to get a lil obsessed with cake-away too 🙄🙈I was never one to order late night deserts but it’s becoming more and more of a thing now.

My family and friends don't really say much about my weight gain anymore. It's weird. It's as if they have accepted it. Every once in a while my mum will make the odd comment.. like, if we are watching tv and a random slim brunette girl comes on.. she will be like 'you use to look like that' I tend to just laugh it off 🙈

Exercise has become a whole different ball game now. I can't really run anymore. Sit ups have become pretty much impossible for me to do. Even little tasks like attempting to try and touch my feet whilst sat up is just a big fat no. Anyway, I could sit here for hours and write you a whole damn book on my gain so far, but I have so much eating to do and goals to achieve right now 🙌🏽so, I'm going to sign off and leave it at that for tonight.

250lbs💥🙌🏽🙋🏼 I can do this!!!! 🙌🏽🐷

GS X x 


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Absolutely beautiful words Shar, so candid, honest and open.

Your transformation has not only been THE most erotic, decadent, exciting and beautiful I have ever seen but also an extremely courageous and brave thing to do too - to fly in the face of convention and acceptance of “normality” and deliberately binge yourself from slim to a gorgeous BBW is mindblowingly exciting to see.

Thankyou once again for sharing your delicious journey with us - good luck with reaching 250, stay healthy and happy! 

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Congratulations so far on your goals Shar 🙌🏻👏🏻 

You’re without doubt going to reach 250lbs with your determination, especially with Christmas on the horizon, all that Christmas food!!! 👍🏻

Double up on those vanilla gaining shakes, one in the morning, one just before bed 😉 Can’t wait to see your thighs even thicker, your ass even wider (it just keeps spreading out) and your tummy even softer and heavier!!! Keep pushing your boundaries and bursting buttons 😄❤️


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I am very happy that you are feeling good about yourself. Not everyone understands how we can take pleasure in gaining weight, and that's okay so long as we as individuals know what we want. And of course you have a lot of support here on your journey! Thanks so much for sharing this Shar! 

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Wow shar, good to hear you are continuing your gain, what a journey its been so far. I like the fact that everyone has accepted your gain, which now means you can get even bigger. I hope you do some remakes of some of your older sets, to fat for my friends was always one of my favourites of yours as was the kfc stuffing, plus I hope you do more outside stuffings fully stuffed was so good 😍.  Plus cake away sounds perfect for you along with the shakes especially with Christmas coming up the weights going to pile on.

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What are you gonna do once you reach your ideal body-weight? Maybe something more sensual?😍

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So great too hear things from your perspective Shar! You should definitely try writing a book if you ever feel the urge. 

I would 100% buy that! Excited for the future Gains! But still enjoy the now! Ever little calorie goes too making you a little thicker and that is an excellent thing. 

So much love for this greedy Girl❤️❤️🐷

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I.  Utterly.  ADORE your decision to transform into your true self and embrace your real body!  Words cannot fully express how incredible it is that you are willing to work for this even against all pressure.  I have found weight gain to be so sexy for so long, but finding you and your content took it all to a new level.  You took what was sexy and made it "decadent," as one user above said.  You have transformed gaining just as much as gaining and transformed you.

And by the way, if you ever do write a book, I will happily be your editor.

Stay full... or hungry.  It goes both ways, right? 😉


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