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A Detailed Account of Our Most Recent Stuffing Session

Feeder and Feedee


Living with a feeder, as you can imagine, is very fattening. Not everyday do we indulge in sweet stuffing sessions but on occasion we do and they are typically the hottest, most sexually fulfilling experience I can ever imagine 2 people sharing. So hot in fact that I feel selfish holding all this to myself. So this is something new I want to start sharing with everyone. These are true accounts of stuffing sessions that occur between my feeder boyfriend and I. Enjoy:)

It's Sunday, and my boyfriend comes home at 10pm from work. I had spent my day acting as a feeder to a client on Sext Panther. The all day feeding experience put me in a mood to be fed myself. From time to time, I get in these moods and when I do, I put on some tight clothes (typically something I've recently grown out of) and strut my chubby little body around the house in front of my boyfriend hoping to get some attention. On this evening, I had on a tight little tank top with a thong that showed off my ever plumping ass. I waddled around the apartment and was met with the attention I craved. My boyfriend called me names and teased me about my fat body falling out of the tiny clothes I was wearing. Immediate turn on. We embraced and he ran his hands over my belly, coming to the bottom where he then began jiggling it up and down aggresively. My whole body rocked with the movement and I could tell I was turning him on too. 

Even though we've been together for 7 years I still get nervous around this man, so when I asked for cookies shortly after, I didnt make eye contact. He lifted my chin with his hand and asked me to repeat myself once he held my gaze. I did and he immediately left the house to gather me the sweets I requested. While he was away, I dressed myself in new, red, strappy lingerie he had gotten me for my birthday. When he finally walked back into the room he held a package of almond chocolate chip cookies and milk. I knew at that moment where things would end this evening. He walked toward me and placed the food on the table next to our bed and gave me the order to sit down. I sat on the bed, back against the headboard and legs stretched out in front of me. He pulled out a chair and seated himself adjacent to me and began opening the package of cookies. 

I'm not gonna lie, the minute it took for him to open that package of cookies felt like a lifetime. I was so turned on and now hungry that I felt I couldn't wait another second when he finally broke through. He saw me eagerly awaiting the treat and took no time bringing the first cookie up to my lips. I took the first bite and they were delicious. My mouth began watering for more. You cannot even begin to imagine how much more intense the flavor of food is when you're turned on and have a feeder hand-feeding you. I began moaning and my boyfriend took advantage of my horny induced stupor by stuffing a cookie into my mouth everytime I opened it to breathe. The milk was cold and helped to washdown the sweets when I began to get too full to swallow. My belly rose into a round ball and I could feel the elastic from my lingerie tighen and stretch around my belly. It made me even more turned on to think about the effects that this little session would have on my waistline in the morning. Eventually I finished the cookies, to this day I still can't remember everything that happened or how I ended up downing all 24 cookies. Stuffing all those cookies into my already full from dinner belly sent me into a sugar induce coma and I had no other choice but to lay back and take whatever my feeder fed me.

After the stuffing ended, we of course had our own fun stuffing other things into other areas of my body. I will forever be day dreaming and fanasizing about this night. I think the hottest details about this stuffing were the fact that my feeder was fully dressed and unexposed while I lay on the bed, vulnerable and exposed to him in my lingerie. Not to mention that he wasn't tempted by a single cookie that passed from his hand into my mouth. I was the greedy piggy, hungry and horny meanwhile mere inches from me was another human totally composed and unbothered. I love being treated like the out of control pig I am and can't wait to share more stories!


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