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It's a real honor to be here, dedicating you some words... I've been a curvage model for three years, but you know me from a looong, long time ago ((or maybe not! in that case HELLO, I'M LAURA FATTY AND THANKS FOR READING THIS)) Do you remember the first picture that my feeder share with you??? I was a just a chubby girl... your cheers, your happiness, your good wishes to him... to US! and your encouragement, truly motivate us to keep sharing my gain with you  and obviously to keep gaining. 

Now we are a happy feeder and feedee married couple, always exited to keep sharing with you my progress, to create hot and delicious content for you, and much more important, enjoy our feederism life!

We have some new projects cooking for you, a lot of collaborations with hot chics, improvement of quality production... 2022 is going to be L E G E N D A R Y!!

This blog entry is to tell you THANK YOU!... for being part of this community, for all the support you gave us, and all the encourage you always show me, for real my gain is also your gain...THANK YOU!!

Happy Holidays! 





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He's definitely one of the luckiest men in the world to have you!

But we're pretty lucky just to be able to watch you grow ☺️ looking forward to seeing what you have in store for 2022! 

It's always great knowing that in every update you're always going to be bigger than the last 😍

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In the second photo your husband looks like artist admiring his greatest work. And it's hot how huge you look compared to him. You two should be so proud of your gain.

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I really enjoyed 🥰reading this , and , thank you 😊 too all of the  fans respect and support 💕 and thank you LAURA FATTY🥰 and Your feeder 🥰 for listening 👂 too all of us ☺️ ❤️and including me also CC🥰 your gain is really ,really ,really amazing 😉 and how awesome 👏 and fabulous it really looks 😊 ❤️ Super!😃, Super!,😃Super,!!! 😃happy for you !!!😊💕

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Wow!  Your husband is definitely a very privileged man (and you are lucky to have found him)!  I wish the best for both of you in 2022!  While I don't remember the first posts you made here on curvage, the first shot I remember of you I believe had something to do with a purple (thinking like a magenta) dress (purple's my favorite colour so I remember it well) eating a huge sundae (or something equally as decadent).  Thanks for posting, and enjoy the Holidays!

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  • Curvage Model

Hello everyone!

First of all I really wanted to say Happy new year! I know is January 10 but I really wanted to wish you amazing days in this 2022.

I’ve been saying… I want to gain 100 Libra’s or at lis 50 BUT 100 is my goal! WE CAN DO IT CURVAGE FAMILY! 🐽👍🏻 and I want to give you an extra THANK YOU❣️ To some of you who already shows an extra extra support, sending me some things I listed in my Amazon wish list …. Everything will end in my stomach🐖🐖🐖

I wanted to and that I’ll be using this blog and the one my feeder create a long time ago to share with you even more. I know the last years I’ve been a bit apart… and yes, life gets busy but I definitely I want to share more of my gain with you. Feederism is a whole life style and I want you to be part of my progress even more. My feeder and I are very thankful with the community and we just wanted to show you more of us.

And here I am (picture) waiting the perfect moment to distract my feeder. He was playing Halo when I decided to place my belly in the perfect space… haha 

HAPPY 2022!! 🐽❣️🐖


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I dont want to sound silly, but I can't find your Amazon wishlist. In a previous post you said it was in your "description". I looked back when you posted that comment and couldn't find it, and still can't find it today.

You're amazing Laura. Stay safe.

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