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Newest Content for July's Free Video Give Away



I am enjoying this community VERY much, everyone has been sooo kind... Thank you!! I will start posting my newest Facestuffing/Overeating videos and photos on July 4th, so lets set this off with a Bang! I am giving away my newest never before seen full length video... The Great Pizza Stuff!

All you have to do to get your free July clip is...

  1. Follow me
  2. React to my Blog Post
  3. Comment on my blog post with a suggestion on what I should do in my next video


Then I will pick three people from the comments section to receive this free full length video.



Recommended Comments

How about a video where you’re just coming back from a door dash/Uber eats delivery with a large meal that was ordered incorrectly/a prank/otherwise undeliverable and you ended up left holding it.

Depending on the situation, you could spend the entirety bemoaning the circumstances behind ending up with all this extra food and pick on it while slowly coming around to it being a stroke of good fortune in your favor. Might as well not let it all go to waste after all, right? 😉 

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I like your video. You have an infectious smile.  I’d like to see how your body changes and gets curvier using those fab shorts as a reference.... how long before you won’t be able to get them on do you think....? (Raining in England today😘)

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Guest Mr Froggy


Wow is this really you! ?  Been following your work for must be like 10+ years now!  Seems surreal for you to be on here... Like a celebrity is amongst us haha. 

I remember a great vid (think it was under touchysubject name) where this girl forced you to eat a huge pizza then a load of ice cream.  By the end you were completely miserable and slipping into food coma.  It was so hot how you looked totally overcome and you would let out these giant, gutteral, powerful, nauseous 'danger burps' that could have easily gone too far. 

Id love to see something like that again.  Eat Til you're uncomfortable and THEN turboload on ice cream until you're belching like a trucker and shuffling hastily off to the bathroom 😜

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Guest Loveajellybelly


I’d love a reaction video to your weight gain with some belly play 

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Guest tumlover


Hi! I'd personally love it if you documented a full day of stuffing :) 

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My suggestion would be eating something that you love to cook. Not that you would have to show very much of the actual cooking, but something that you love so very much that after you cook it you can't help but to eat every last bite. Until you are beyond full and cannot move.

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Hi Becky!  Everything you make has been great, but I'd especially love to see clips of your friends reacting to your weight gain.  You've done amazing videos like that in the past and I'd love to see it again!

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Would love to see a video of you acting like you got called to one of your modelling shoots but it just so happens to be in the off season when you have a nice round belly! Then you proceed to stuff yourself with cake or sum thing 

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How about a video where you have baked a huge cake for a friends party and she cancels on you, so you decide to eat the whole cake yourself and wash it down with chocolate milk. Then you'd be stuffed to misery at the end and record all your belly noises 

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Guest Lugges0958


Very excited to have you back! I have been buying and watching your videos on c4s since 2013 or so. I think you should do a watermelon stuffing. I remember the old video you made doing it and I think it would be enjoyable. ❤️

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Guest Jacob Riley


Honestly you should just make a ton of whatever your favorite foods are and have a stuffing with them I feel like the videos are better when you’re really enjoying yourself that way 

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