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Stuck at 190...



hey guys!!

ive been trying to figure out how to post to my blog... i finally hit enough buttons and figured it out 😁

so, i’ve been super discouraged lately because i’ve been stuck at 190 FOREVER!!! i thought after vacation i’d be 200 pounds for sure. but i’m not 🙄 i guess i’m not pushing myself enough which also makes me sad because i try so hard, ya know? i loveee to eat so even if i don’t put on pounds i’m enjoying myself but i wanna see some results! i even had some marks on me the other day that i thought were stretch marks, and now they’re gone!! so i guess that’s not what they were.

im trying to get over this hump. wish me luck and send me some fat vibes, lol.

is there anything you’d like answered in another blog post? or anything you want me to talk about? let me know boo, i’m here for you 😘



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eat lots of sugar before bed, or things like nutella, peanut butter or sweets, sodas that are easy to gulp, full of sugar and can increase capacity! if it's not working it's over my abailities haha ;) you're incredible anyway, and as a long time follower i swear your gain is incredibly fast and astonishing lately! you're the best

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Buy a whole container of ice cream warm it up in the microwave and throw it in a blender to turn it into a fattening shake. Then drink it it’s delicious and piles on weight like crazy. It made my body gain weight so fast and people are now commenting on how much weight I gained 

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Sometimes the body goes through plateaus. If you just keep eating over maintenance, it will eventually catch up to you. Key is to really make sure you're meeting your calorie needs every day. Sometimes that means keeping close tabs on everything you eat (not as much fun to gain this way, but effective). You can't go wrong with adding heavy cream milkshakes before bed. They pack quite a punch in a tiny glass. You can add peanut butter, oreos, pb cups, etc. to increase the calories. Probably not the best thing to consume if you have any sort of blood sugar issues though.

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Get heavy cream.  You can put something in it to improve flavor if you like....  nestle's Quick, Ovaltine, ckocolate syrup, cake mix.

Drink one cup for starters with each meal (over/above your normal meal of course) and one at bedtime for a week.  If that is well-tolerated then up it to 1.5 cups the following week and then 2 cups the week after. That will be a quart of heavy cream per day, but spread out over a day and combined with food it should present no problems... remember to budget accordingly. It is thick so if that is an issue for you dilute it with milk a little then gradually wean yourself off the milk.

This is about more than just calories and some think it is that cows milk contains something to enable the calf to easily absorb fat, store fat, and improve appetite... which become concentrated in cream when separated from milk.  I have heard time after time people report it makes them hungrier all the time and gains show up disporportionate to the effort or amount of food.

Give this an honest try for a month, I virtually guarantee you will blast right through that plateau and into the 200's in short order.

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I'd recommend drinking the cream before bed after you've already eaten all your food for the day, otherwise you might feel too full to eat. Cream is very high in fat and thus extremely satiating.

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