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New Curvage

Hello All 

I am a young Latina who recently discovered her sweet fetish... I am a feedee!!! I've always had this love for food, it fills me, it completes me. I am so passionate about food!! eating is my favorite hobby. 

I am excited about sharing this weight gain journey with the curvage community. I now have a space where I can share how amazing my weight gain can be .. I'll be able to upload photos and amazing video clips!! 

I want to track my weight gain journey with videos focusing on my measurements, my weekly growth, my weight ins and of course the tasty stuffings.

Follow me and you'll stay on track with this wonderful weight gain!!!

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I heard California just passed a law that feedees need to be licensed. I think it's 35 dollars and you need an interview with a social worker.

Some Medical MJ card holders have their feedee permit printed on the back.

Many eateries are allowing discounts to feedees on their most fattening to go orders.

Meanwhile, welcome aboard and happy gains!  😁  😆

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