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My first month on curvage😊

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Hello everyone, I just want to start out by saying thank you!! Thank you for all the positive feedback, and comments everyone has left on my page! Being on curvage has changed my mind set for the better 😅 I'm more confident with my body, I also have been more sexual with my husband😉 I know now that it is ok to be a bigger women. My husband has been trying for years to have me gain weight. And really I had no idea why? I thought to myself hmmm well maybe he just likes bigger women. But oh no when he finally sat down and really talked to me about this community and what it's about, it really opened my eyes. It's much more than just women being bigger. But accepting that your body is meant to grow and women are meant to have curves and give our men a safe place to love & comfort. To give encouragement to those that just want to let go and be beautiful without judgment! These last 4 weeks on curvage have been amazing, everyone is friendly, kind, and so supportive! I was a little hesitant at first, but quickly learned it's not just true in your dreams but it can be reality.  




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Guest GeeseHoward


Well said Aurora... I'm glad you've found a definitive meaning to gaining within this community. I hope you both continue to find happiness through your growing curves.

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