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Some of my Disney snacks

I honestly dug into most of my food before remembering to photograph it this trip, but here’s the food I remembered to photograph. So many treats, snacks, and meals. Basically the whole trip was spent eating... and my belly post-trip. Rounder and ready for another trip. bonus picture: my cream made a little heart in my coffee this morning.  I’ve taken some videos of myself eating and chugging cream but I don’t know if they’re high-quality enough to post so I’m waiting until I get a bet

Disney bound

I’ve gained six pounds back since I started drinking cream every day about a week ago, I’ve been dieting for months so allowing myself to just eat whatever I want to again has been quite a treat. My appetite is still fairly low but I’m trying to fix that eating as much as possible whenever possible. Last year I gained over 72 pounds and went from a size 00-an XL due to medications and had been trying to lose it at my doctor’s insistence. I’d lost about 45 pounds of it before I started this
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