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What happened? Why was Curvage Down?

This announcement is no longer active


Hi folks, well that was horrible!!
What should have been a minor and routine upgrade went totally sideways on us. It  was tested and ready for release on the live site but things like this can be tricky and unpredictable.
It ended up having issues that we were unable to correct forcing us to restore the site back to before we attempted to install the update. Nothing was lost aside from half a day of service. If you see anything a miss, let us know so that we can get it fixed.

We have been online over a year straight with no down time so we are sad to have broken our very good track record today. You know what they say though, there are no failures only learning opportunities.

Be sure to join our Twitter account (see footer of the site).

On Twitter is where we post our updates in the event of down time.

Thank you :)